March 5, 2015

Status 3-05-15*

Yesterday was busy. Mark and I went to get our hair coiffed at the downtown salon so we will look our best when we head off on my birthday trip on Sunday, then we had lunch out, then we wrapped it all up with a creative outing to our writing group. It was also a very strange day.

I felt lovely having my hair done, then enjoyed our lunch – BUT that weird reaction where I puff up like crazy after consuming a small amount of food occurred again. Darn it. Still have not narrowed it down enough to avoid the culprit, and restaurant meals can have ingredients you don’t know about. Long story short, I still felt overly full and uncomfortable hours later when we went to writing group. I didn’t want to miss this session because of all I’ve missed lately and because we will miss next week when we are away. I was so stuffed I didn’t bother to do more than drink water.

Then we had the STRANGEST writing prompts of all time. Mine was:

  1. A tap dance studio
  2. H. Ross Perot
  3. A scepter
  4. Getting the band Aerosmith to their concert on time in Los Angeles

Believe it or not, I DID make a short story out of this, but it was tough on such a full stomach.

Mark’s prompt was even worse, but he made a WONDERFUL story from it, and has been enjoying his new creative power.

See, you never know what you might be good at until you try.


Hooray! Got caught up with comments on the blog and emails from when I was away! This has been on my mind, and I so appreciate you BCs for commenting to each other and for taking the time to support me. It was my first priority today to acknowledge that and to get the comments answered. If possible, I’ll try to record some of day 103 when I get back from my therapy appointment today. Fingers crossed I’ll get a show released before we leave for my birthday.


How about you?

Please feel free to comment on MY statuses or add YOUR OWN thoughts, feelings, challenges, rants and raves on these pages too. That was one of the original purposes of why I posted on FB. I thought BCs might like to share about THEIR days. So if you have thoughts and feelings you’d like to share with the group, go ahead and put them here with your comments.

*Daily statuses are not part of the blog’s email notification. When you enter your email under where it says SUBSCRIBE TO POSTS VIA EMAIL, you will be notified of regular blog posts and when podcast episodes are released. I didn’t want to clog your inbox with my daily statuses. However, the automatic publicize feature will inform you on my show FB page, my AdventureLaurie twitter account, google+ on its show page, and Tumblr.

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PSS, some BCs have asked me the difference between blog postings and status pages. Blog postings are where I develop a complete topic triggered by my status thoughts. Status thoughts are how my day went, what’s on my agenda, and how my body feels today – and not much editing or thought goes into them. That’s why I don’t clog up your email with them. 🙂

Body Balance

BB (Body Balance) number: 5.
Sleep: 6 hours divided.
Tummy/Gut: Gut still WAY full.
Hungry: Not hungry until 3 hours after waking. Ate very small breakfast, not wanting to add to my full gut feeling.
Energy: Moderate.
Mood: Pretty happy considering the belly ache.

BB is my personal criteria, and I don’t think too hard about it. I ask myself at the keyboard, what is my BB? A number between 1-10, including halves, pops into my head. I write it in my post Then I figure out why it is higher or lower and gently make note.

If you are interested these are my measures.

  1. Sleep. Quality and Amount.
  2. Tummy/Gut – If I ate what my body asked for, usually above and below the belly button feel balanced. Ate too much, below the belly button feels more full. Ate too little, the reverse.
  3. Am I hungry within 1 hour of waking? I have found that I feel best if I am hungry within 1 hour of waking. This tends to make my eating day even and not heavy on food in the evening. But I don’t eat if not hungry unless I’m about to ride or hike. I’ve learned I need to fuel these morning activities, or I’ll bonk.
  4. What is my energy level? Subjective, but telling.
  5. A quick look at my mood.

The Bravery Coach

TheBraveryCoach daily tweet is a morning mediation on how I either did, or can incorporate an aspect of bravery into my day. It is cheerful. It is esteem building. Those who want to follow these on Twitter may, by searching for the hashtag #bravery or by seeing my profile:

Daily Bravery Tweets via TheBraveryCoach on Twitter

4 thoughts on “3-05-15

  1. Suz (Suzanne)

    LOL at the writing prompts! What a scenario. Just the absurdity of it is funny.
    Sorry you’re having trouble with the swelling again! I wish you could pin down the cause.
    Sounds like you are all spiffed up for your birthday trip, though. Feels good to get a fresh cut.
    Hoping you are feeling better!

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Hey Suz, I am feeling better. I have been doing well doubling down and paying attention to purely how my body feels and how much it wants to eat and when it is done. So maybe this awful bloating will be a blessing in disguise. I think when we have a physical issue, like a pain, or a cold, we REALLY appreciate how lucky we are when we feel well. I super hate that bloat. So it is more motivating than anything I’ve done so far, to eat really slowly and pay attention to every food and what it does to how I physically feel. Very interesting. xoxoxoxoxox
      PS, that story was WEIRD! hahahaha

  2. Sue

    Sorry to hear about the bloating. This next trip is very different from the one you have just been on. I hope you find lots of experiences that you allow yourself to enjoy to the full. Please don’t burden yourself by setting too tough goals re podcasts and catching up. We love to hear how you are getting on, but we respect that there will be times when you have higher or different priorities. It is encouraging to see how many people were posting whilst you were away last, and I am sure this will continue. Have a lovely time, my friend. Hugs xoxoxo

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Thanks Sue! I am happy to report that both Mark and I are looking forward to having a relaxing, fun time. My bloat is doing better since I have been paying super attention every bite about how my body feels after it and slowing down my eating. Maybe I have been stressed and swallowing air by eating too quickly? I’m not counting calories, but I am keeping a log of food type to try and pin down the reactions. Thanks so much for the support. xoxoxoxoxox


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