March 21, 2015

Status 3-21-15*

Restful day. I slept In BIG TIME for me, until after 9:00 AM! My Voice Animation Class is cancelled today due to David, my coach and teacher, will be away recording a motion capture part for a video game he was cast in. That’s where he wears a body suit with the motion sensors on his body and face and the character will somewhat look like him and use his actions in the game as well as his voice reads. Pretty cool, no?

For me, it lets me off the hook for…

Still Book Club Reading

Book Club tonight, and I am about 77% done according to my trusty Kindle. So reading is priority one as soon as I’m done replying to comments.

Eating Lessons

Yesterday I felt GREAT on our ride. Here’s a video from Instagram.

Great #bikeride on the #LARiver I feel 👍

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Then I came home, still not hungry, and made an AWESOME chicken, broccoli and brown rice dish. Enjoyed that – noticed my portion was bigger than usual. (Not surprising, we’d done a pretty good ride and this was late in the day for my lunch).

Included small amount of ice-cream for dessert. Felt better than fine!

Started a soup recipe in the slow cooker I wanted to try and went off to practice singing and voice.

Noticed, singing was more difficult, and by the time I got to voice acting practice, I was starting to feel discomfort in my throat and chords. Dang! (stronger word came to mind)

Had to can voice acting practice and rest my voice. I had done the equivalent to overuse injury when exercising. I’d thought I’d been careful, but had somehow strained. May have been trying different voices out, even though I was warmed up, the character does martial arts and so has some scream type lines in there. THEN I realize the broth I had started my soup with, was probably bad from the get go. Tip: If food SMELLS off, don’t eat it! My soup, and all of the time and money I’d put into it, had to be tossed.

Next thing I know, Nachos and margaritas sound good for dinner. Actually, by this time, probably time for dinner, and not a bad choice except….

Margaritas can lead to bad eating judgement for me. Result? A chocolate day like I hadn’t had for many months.

Sigh. Can’t even say it was Robot Aliens. It was me consciously soothing anger at self with chocolate. Perfect! I am mean and nice all at once. Chocolate gives you a mood boost, over ating of chocolate lets you be super pissed later.


Knowledge doesn’t mean you change all at once. It just gives you a shot at considering and changing in a future moment.


How about you?

Please feel free to comment on MY statuses or add YOUR OWN thoughts, feelings, challenges, rants and raves on these pages too. That was one of the original purposes of why I posted on FB. I thought BCs might like to share about THEIR days. So if you have thoughts and feelings you’d like to share with the group, go ahead and put them here with your comments.

*Daily statuses are not part of the blog’s email notification. When you enter your email under where it says SUBSCRIBE TO POSTS VIA EMAIL, you will be notified of regular blog posts and when podcast episodes are released. I didn’t want to clog your inbox with my daily statuses. However, the automatic publicize feature will inform you on my show FB page, my AdventureLaurie twitter account, google+ on its show page, and Tumblr.

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PSS, some BCs have asked me the difference between blog postings and status pages. Blog postings are where I develop a complete topic triggered by my status thoughts. Status thoughts are how my day went, what’s on my agenda, and how my body feels today – and not much editing or thought goes into them. That’s why I don’t clog up your email with them. 🙂

Suspending Body Balance

Long time BCs have heard me post and talk about my body balance number. It was a REALLY useful tool, but I’m suspending it for awhile as I think I have learned from it and want to move on to just mentally processing how I feel.

Feel free to check out earlier status reports to see what I counted and how it worked.

The Bravery Coach

TheBraveryCoach daily tweet is a morning mediation on how I either did, or can incorporate an aspect of bravery into my day. It is cheerful. It is esteem building. Those who want to follow these on Twitter may, by searching for the hashtag #bravery or by seeing my profile:

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2 thoughts on “3-21-15

  1. Dawny

    Mmmmmmmm chocolate.

    Good job testing your voice.

    Knowledge is power? Eh?

    It cool you try new recipes. I resist doing that. Silly too Cuz often I like and enjoy them n they become new additions to the norm but…… You gotta do it first. Lol


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