Alen Standish’s 2nd interview with me is out on Progress Not Perfection!

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Alen and I really enjoy talking together, and it shows in his new episode!

Great news BCs since I am so slammed this weekend and am delayed in getting my own next episode out, Alen just posted one we did together!

About month or so ago, I walked around the park once again talking with Alen Standish for his show, Progress, Not Perfection. We had such a blast Alen didn’t edit out much of our conversation. AND we answered the questions sent in by you, the Brave Companions.

You can check it out at It’s episode 49.

If you missed our first interview, you can go to’s episode 42

Also, Alen is asking his listeners to fill out a survey about his show and you can win a prize! So after you listen, please be a pal and fill out Alen’s Survey.

As always, if you enjoyed our interview together it is SO encouraging when you post your comments for Alen on his blog, and for me on mine. I just finished interviewing HIM so turn about is fair play. You can expect an Alen segment on COD in the next week or two.

Since we love to chat and we enjoyed answering your questions in this interview, please post or email any questions you would like us to address the next time we get together to record.

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4 thoughts on “Alen Standish’s 2nd interview with me is out on Progress Not Perfection!

  1. Cheryl

    The podcast was awesome. You guys sounded like you were having so much fun. You gel together so nicely. Alen is very genuine, and your podcasts are pretty darn complimentary. Can’t wait to hear more!

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Thanks GF! And Alen was so happy with your comments on that he couldn’t wait to send it to me to read as well. I just now finished listening to the episode and I’m really happy with it. I LOVED that you, Stéfanie and Dawny all sent in questions for us. I think that made it really fun.
      PS, Alen will be thrilled and encouraged to know you finished your draft and sent it off to readers.

  2. Kelly

    Hi Laurie,
    I am in the UK and discovered your podcast yesterday morning, I am already on number 5! I have lived with binge eating disorder since my very early teens. I have had so many issues with food and used it as an emotional crutch and still do. However I discovered I had this when doing my degree in food and nutrition 5 years ago. Episode two was the first time I had heard someone say how I felt – your description of how you end up eating the whole icecream tub. You are so brave. I have a passion inside to write a book about this as I have been to the bottom and now feel great and at a happy weight. I really want to help with this issue because it is very hard to talk about it, there really isn’t an understanding out there, and people do not freely share. I am in awe of you! My heart broke for you on episode 4, I do not know what is going with you right now, but I will continue to listen.

    My colleague and I have just started a blog as we want to reach out and help, and I know what you mean about the comments. My next blog post (next week) is about self sabotage, which may be very interesting to you.

    I apologise if I am not making sense, I am dashing out for the day with my girls but wanted to leave a comment, because I think you are sharing something so important!
    All my love and luck

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Hi Kelly, Thanks so much for stopping by to encourage me today! I’m doing quite well these days and have switched my focus from weight loss to dealing with the underlying causes of my 50-year eating disorder. I’m using principles of intuitive eating along with therapy and have been pleased with the emotional and food freedom I’ve gained as well as with the size maintenance that I’ve achieved without dieting. For now, I don’t focus on types of food nor classify them as healthy or not. This is part of my process and I see as time passes that I am returning more to wanting foods that are traditionally considered healthy. I’m also extremely active as a cyclist and hiker. However, I’m not pushing myself one way or the other, I’m letting my body lead by telling me how it feels. It is very strange, this journey getting back in touch my body’s signals. I’m so happy for you too that you found your own path to a happy weight for you and that you are sharing yourself and your passion with others. I checked out your blog and saw many recipes I would enjoy trying. I wish you great good luck, and while my show and blog are about the emotional side of compulsive eating, and I don’t support any one food plan or way of eating here, please feel free to stop by anytime. After the episode you mention, people, like you, started to really come and participate and it has been such a blessing to find out that indeed we are not alone. If you’d like to share more of your own story, you might like posting on the “Who are the brave companions page“. Or as you go through the show, we absolutely love to hear your thoughts and feelings or responses to me or the other brave companions who participate. Many people find the show and start from day one and listen all of the way through. That is a lot of listening, and if you do that, there is also a certificate you can print out as a reward for all of that listening, found on the Who are the brave companions page as well.
      Thanks again for your kind encouragement, I truly appreciate it.


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