Ep 0121.s1 – Bonus – Celebrate Amy, The Wisdom of Bailey, Congrats Dawny and Other Stories

Laurie dressed up holding a sign that says Go Amy!
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Hooray! I’m celebrating Amy from WI’s awesome achievement in making GREAT progress at making peace with food. Wonderful. Go Amy! Go Amy! Go Amy! PS – I’m also wearing my brand new glasses.

Podcast Recap

Presenting our first ‘COD the Sequel’ bonus episode Ta Da! Totally off the cuff I explain why I’m recording from my studio instead of from the mountain. New BC Bailey shares some great wisdom about knowing your own true worth on the Bravery Hotline. Thanks to BC Patt and to Amazon shoppers. Congrats to Dawny for her new job. Welcome BC Lexie. My horrifying scale tale that turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Mark and I throw a virtual party to celebrate Amy from WI’s awesome news!


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Host: Laurie Weaver
Guest Announcer: Mark Weaver
Bravery Hotline Audio: BC Bailey

Main Theme: I’m Letting Go by Josh Woodward from The Simple Life Part 1 Used by permission of Josh Woodward under a Creative Commons License

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8 thoughts on “Ep 0121.s1 – Bonus – Celebrate Amy, The Wisdom of Bailey, Congrats Dawny and Other Stories

  1. dawny

    yahoooooo what a lovely early morning surprise in my itunes feed!!! Yes puhleeze!!

    LOVED partying with Amy, and thanks for the awesome shout out, Im REALLY feeling connection at my new job, I really fit in, my quirks, my sarcastic humor, the whole 9.. the only down-fall is/was the shoes, I have a foot problem, they want fancy shoes, I want comfort, I tried a compromise, and they still weren’t fancy enough so my dr. helped me out, and now I’ll wear whatever shoes I fancy on whatever day! wahhoooo =-)

    I’ll work on drumming up some of that there foolish funnin miss Laurie.. wooowhooop nuttin better than funnin around.. foolishly….

    Laurie, you sound so happy, chipper and free, and might i add your voice quality was great, and it sure makes a difference in a podcast cuz your bored and ‘want’ to vs. feeling like you ‘must’ or ‘have’ to way to go friend..

    Im so proud of you and your adult weight, I think ive found my ‘adult’ weight, am working on the ‘acceptance’ part, every day, but yah… at least im working on it =-)

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Hey gal, glad you enjoyed our virtual ‘party’! It was fun, and Mark did his part while still waking up, so it was authentic slice of life. Also glad you liked the sound. I was pretty critical of it (down perfectionist brain), because I’m still a bit physically weak, and so did the recording from a high stool and I didn’t adjust my mic for that. So the audio is okay, but not as good as my auditions when I’m standing with the mic in that place. BUT even after thinking these perfectionist thoughts, I laughed at myself and said, “so what?” BCs who want to hear the show won’t care a fig. This is COD not an audition. Long story short, I’m not ‘all better’ in my perfectionist self, but I’m for sure making progress. Happy, Happy, Happy that your work environment is working out. AND I’m down with the shoes too. I used to keep a pair of “meeting pumps” under my desk for when I had to see the higher ups or vendors, and the rest of my corporate life was lived in comfy stretched out flats. And as I said before, my first act on arriving home from work was to rip off the bra – EVEN BEFORE HEADING FOR THE CHIPS! I only wear stretchy sports bras now and have a “go to meeting” bra if I have to dress up for some reason. My bra wearing muscles are for SURE out of shape. I hate anything tight on my body. (Hmmm maybe why I tend to Mark’s old white T-shirts and PJ bottoms as day wear at my house). Keep on keeping on gal! xoxoxox

  2. Sue

    I loved that first sequel episode. I was listening to you speak of your progress and I just wanted to do a happy dance. Your testimony is so powerful. I was pleased to hear about Dawny’s new job – you go gal! It was great hearing about our new BC. It is wonderful to know that this show is still having a positive effect on new listeners. Long may that continue.

    I was so blessed to hear about Amy’s success and your reaction to it, Laurie and Mark. It is so good to celebrate these things amongst friends who really appreciate what this means. Bravo my friend!

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Hooray Sue! So glad you popped across the pond. I had fun making Amy’s party episode – it made me laugh. How are you doing? I’m on a course of antibiotics that really mess with my tummy. But Angel Doc says I must, so I must. Also thinking of doing an acting class vs. voice acting, to improve my acting ability. This will really be brave of me. But today, it’s still little step by little step as this medicine sacks me out pretty good.

  3. tory

    Hi! I was on a long drive today and listened to the first few episodes of your podcast and was very touched. Wanted to send you a comment immediately….(And i never do this). I too have suffered from BED for 12 years. Exhausting, isn’t it? But i have some great news- I have recovered. I hope! 6 months now without bingeing. I cannot believe it… never though this would happen!!! I have a few tips, thoughts, book recommendations if you are at all interested? It’s possible and I haven’t listened to your latest episodes to know how you are or anything but thought I’d say hi immediately. xxxxxxxx

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Awww, thanks so very much Tory for stopping in to encourage me. That is Sooo cool! I started the show in Feb. of 2014, so that’s when the early episodes were recorded. Sure, I’d be GLAD to hear what tips and books made a difference for you. Not only for myself, but for other listeners who drop by time and again. You might also like to post your story on the Who are the brave companions page. Brave Companions are what the listeners and I came to call ourselves, or BCs for short. I too over the course of 120 episodes did come out of my eating disorder. I no longer schedule the COD shows as I did. 120 a couple of months ago was the last one. However, I do bonus sequels from time to time to catch BCs up on how I’m doing and say hello to people. Would you be comfortable if I greet you by first name and share your comment? I still post here on the blog and answer email as well. Thanks again for taking the time to encourage me. It means a lot and I’d love to hear more of your story. xoxoxoxox

      1. Tory

        Hi again! I feel a little silly about my above post since I have listened to several other recordings while walking around today… It sounds like you are doing so beautifully and am only sorry that you have been dealing with a few health issues 🙁

        Some of your early recordings made me want to cry! Having friends and being kind, sharing our struggles in a loving way- it really helps so much and I sincerely thank you for creating a space where we can encourage one another!


        1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

          Hi Tory, please don’t feel silly for reaching out and encouraging me! As you go through the show, you will discover I say (and mean) many, many times, that I don’t have the magic answer. Different tips and techniques help different folks. What we DO have in common as you say so elequantly is the ability to be authentic and share how things really are for us when we are dealing with food and body issues. Really, I hope you do post what’s been of help to you, as many new people are just now finding the show and are coming to comment. This means what you share will be for them as well as for me and for me, learning is never over. xoxoxoxoxox 🙂


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