Ep 0152 – Holiday Show 2017

Mark kisses Laurie at Disneyland
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We enjoy some Disney mistletoe at Christmas.

Podcast Recap

Holiday greetings from BCs old and new, including Cheryl, Dawny, Voice Actor Ginny Hayes, Mary S., Fionna and her son Alden, and most of my voice acting friend, Eddie L. Fauria’s, talented family. A special excerpt of ‘A Christmas Carol’ recorded by a group of my voice acting friends at our holiday party at soundBox:LA, the professional studio where we work out. Dawny shares some new holiday Foolish fun, Mark and I talk about our unexpected Christmas at Disneyland and our resident Singer-songwriter, Fionna Lane, leads us into our new year with a beautiful new rendition of Auld Lane Syne.

Mark looking up before a giant present

Mark is amazed by the holiday cheer within It’s a Small World

Families hurry to catch the parade at Disneyland

Families hurry to catch the parade at Disneyland

Glowing castle at Disneyland behind the crowd at night

We enjoy Sleeping Beauty’s Castle on Christmas Eve night


Cheryl’s Bog, Impromptu Promptlings

A Christmas Carol featuring The Gardner Street Voice Acting Workout Group at soundBox:LA

soundBox:LA – great studio in Hollywood for all of your audio recording needs

The Journal Mary S. Made me

More about Auld Lang Syne

Ways to support the show financially


Host: Laurie Weaver
Santa: Mark Weaver
Christmas Greetings: Cheryl (AKA Calensariel, our very first BC)
Christmas Greetings: Dawny, fellow Washingtonian and Supportive Foolish Funner
Christmas Greetings: Ginny Hayes, Voice Actor and BC
Christmas Greetings: Mary S. BC and Talented Journal Maker
Christmas Greetings: Fionna and Alden, Mother and Son Singing Duo
Christmas Greetings: The Fabulous Fauria Family, Eddie L. Fauria – aka Dad, Lil Eddie Fauria – age 10, Christopher Fauria – age 6, Nikole ‘Niki’ Fauria – age 3.
Foolish Fun Announcer: Mark Weaver
Foolish Funner: Dawny
Auld Lang Syne Singers: Fionna and Alden Lane
Mr. and Mrs. Cratchit from the Gardner Street ‘A Christmas Carol’ Excerpt*: Eddie L. Fauria and Laurie Weaver
Cratchit Critique: Mark ‘Last Dance’ Weaver
*Used with permission from Tim Friedlander and soundBox:LA

Sounds used in Laurie’s Foolish Fun Intro

Slide Whistle sounds
Background Tune/Beat
Girl’s Laughter
Phone Ring

Other Sounds

  • Crowd Cheering
  • Applause

Other Sounds and Music used with permission from AudioBlocks and IBAudio

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2 thoughts on “Ep 0152 – Holiday Show 2017

  1. Dawny

    Oh my Laurie!!! Best episode ever. (Well… maybe 3rd Best…. your best two were filled with raw truth.. emotion… and even tears..)

    What a true treat inside this episode! And great timing it really helped me thru the treadmill at home. One of my least favorite.

    Thank you for all you do for this. For us. And for being you.


    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Happy New Year my friend! Glad the holiday show made your holiday treadmill more fun. And thanks so much for your participation, without BCs sending in thoughts and audio, there wouldn’t have been a holiday show. We’re all in this together! xoxoxox


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