Ep 0029 – Don’t Wait for Perfect to Reach Out for Your Dreams and Help me Help Maureen

The wind is pushing back my hat brim on the mountain.
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Perfect photo for this episode because the full sun on my face in the wind, highlights my facial flaws. I’m self-conscious of my newly splotchy skin, my darkening teeth and other signs of wear and tear. Yet I’m laughing and having a good time. I am more than my body and it is good to remember that.

Podcast Recap

Brave Companion, Stéfanie, leaves a wonderful comment on Day 27 that sparks me to discuss why we should not wait for ‘perfect’ to reach out to others, or to reach out for our dreams. I share my adventure of meeting Listener Sandy in person, and ask all of our brave companions to help support Maureen in her quest to know, ‘How do YOU deal with the feelings under compulsive overeating?’
A view of how far I've come up the mountain. A nice analogy.

A view of how far I’ve come up the mountain. A nice analogy.

I'm laughing because I'm still chewing a bit of green apple when I take this.

I’m laughing because I’m still chewing a bit of green apple when I take this.


Please scroll down to the Comments Box and post your comments on this episode to support Maureen or call the bravery hotline at 206-350-6445. She really wants to know ANY successful way you have ever dealt with the feelings under the compulsion to overeat. Ever. Even 1 time.

Stéfanie’s comment on Day 27

Sandy’s squirrel photo and my bikini pic in episode 28.

Infamous pathetic epsisode 4

Are you Binge Dieting? Is an interesting, practical podcast about intuitive eating by Betsy Thurston , a registered dietician and health coach
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Host: Laurie Weaver

Main Theme: I’m Letting Go by Josh Woodward from The Simple Life Part 1

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Resource of the day

Famous Creators on the Fear of Failure By Maria Popova from her inspired, curated blog, Brain Pickings. Fascinating set of video clips of famous designers, artists and writers all talking about their fear of failure for students at Stockholm Berghs School of Communication. Give a listen and you won’t feel so badly about your own fears. Even genius creators face this! Very interesting and highly recommended.
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8 thoughts on “Ep 0029 – Don’t Wait for Perfect to Reach Out for Your Dreams and Help me Help Maureen

  1. Janet

    Hi Maureen:
    My best tip is to redirect your thoughts with
    A form of meditation. Tia chi or yoga. I also
    Leave the physical place like move from my
    Living room to my bedroom if that is a trigger. Then if I choose to eat always remember the choice can be good, best, or better. Try to fall into the better catagory to protect your health. Your not alone I struggle with this daily. I just try to have more successful days than not. Blessing

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Thanks Janet, that is a great tip for Maureen and the rest of us. I know a little yoga, and might try telling myself that eating, if I want it, can commence after a pose. That might get me breathing and calm me down when the robot aliens are arriving.

    2. Maureen

      Thanks Janet! I am trying that today and it seems to work quite well. I was able to get out for a small walk as well and it helped a lot! I even made dinner in a crockpot this morning healthy style so there would be no excuse to pick up any junk on the way home.

  2. Michelle

    Hi Maureen, I think we are in the same place right now, I am trying to come back from a binge too. Sometimes it takes me a week or two to actually get back to eating healthy again. I start by having a healthy smoothie with lots of protein for breakfast instead of junk food. I keep adding healthy items every day until my blood sugar levels are lower, then it is easier to make better food choices. Also incorporating exercise again, this really makes a difference for me. Because when I am on binge everything stops, only food continues. Small steps works for me, I hope this helps brave companion, hang in there, we are here for you.

  3. Cheryl Carter

    Hey, Laurie! Little by little I’m slipping out from under the thumb of the big, bad corporation that has held me hostage for tax season! I soooooooo understand your comments about corporations now. Come Thursday I will be free as a bird and back in touch with your wonderful podcast! (And 12 lbs. heavier…sigh…)

    (I had to smile when I started running across the phrase “brave companions.” I’m a HUGE King Arthur fan, and in a series I read not long ago, the author had some end notes explaining how “brave companions” not “knights” was Arthur’s favorite expression for his band of brothers in early myths of Camelot. I would say, my dear podcaster, that you have chosen your companions well!)

    I loved the show today. I, too, have very much felt like who am I to step up and start giving weight loss advice? I’m such a screw up at the whole weight loss thing. But there’s a word you keep repeating over and over in your podcasts that I believe holds the key to our being able to help and support one another. The word is “journey.” I’m slowly coming to realize that Weight Loss Goal is not a destination that I will ever arrive at and TAKE UP RESIDENCY. Instead, it’s a journey I’ll be on for the rest of my life.

    Arriving implies having learned it all, knowing it all: the tricks, the techniques, the secrets… But the wisest teachers are the ones who know there’s always something more to be learned, always another journey to make, another wonderful sight over the next horizon. The two times that I’ve nearly reached my goal, I’ve found myself prone to begin sitting, stagnating, and eventually eating. Having realized finally that weight loss is about a journey, I don’t feel nearly as embarrassed to share what I’ve learned along the way because some of it has been very good — and some of it not so good — and that’s ok because I’m STILL learning. Now I’m coming at it from the perspective of a pilgrim on the road, not a tour guide, so to speak. And like others, I’m walking along beside you on this weight loss/podcast journey, no matter where or how long it goes.

    We don’t need to be experts to have something worthwhile to impart to each other. We just need to be brave companions!

    And a quick note for Maureen… Laurie has shared in this podcast that I’m a journaler. The thing I’ve found that helps me the most when I feel an eating event coming on is to drink the biggest glass of water I can, then go and write down what I’m mad/sad/agitated about. (Truth is, sometimes even being over-the-moon happy about something will make me want to eat to celebrate.) If I can externalize the feelings — even if I word it badly — it somehow seems to dissipate that urge to eat. It gives me time for the water to help satiate me a bit and to think about whether I REALLY want to eat that 5 lb. Nestles bar. If after all that the answer is yes, I still want to eat it, then I’m usually clear-headed enough to make better choices about how much of it I stick in my mouth!

    Hang in there, Laurie and everyone.

    May the winds be with you!

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Oh, I’m Soooo excited. I love King Arthur, and that makes me even happier to know the history that resonates through our bonding phrase! How about that brave companions? We are in the tradition of royalty! Cheryl, you have been a wise example and teacher throughout our long, long, journey together. You are a sage among us!

      1. Cheryl

        LOL! Naw. Just a Fool in King Arthur’s court. And these pointy-toed shoes are killing me! Thank God they don’t have 6″ heels, too! But at least with the bells hangin’ on them his lordship can hear me when I head to the frig and give me a squirt from the water bottle! See! There’s a bright side to everything!


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