Ep 0069 – What’s the Difference Between Intuitive Eating and Just Eating Anything?

Laurie in a pink T-shirt and jeans viewed in a mirror.
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I proudly take the selfie of the day. Then I actually WEAR my size 18W pants in public down to the podcast rock and SIT in them the whole time I record episode 69. Now THAT’s progress.

Podcast Recap

It’s an unexpected Scottish appreciation day in honor of BC Sophie as a bagpipe player practices in the park on the very day I was mysteriously hungry for, and baked scones for breakfast! I thank all of the Coffee Klatchers and Amazon shoppers and explain how you can use these ways to support the show and how to get onto the various special email lists. I try to correct my last show’s mispronunciation of Brave Companion Fionna’s name and take proactive steps to correctly welcome new BC Alana from Facebook. We hear a cool hiking analogy from our caller from Rhode Island, who I’m now calling BRICE as a nickname for Brave Rhode Island Companion Extraordinaire, because it’s easier than Brave Companion from Rhode Island. Together we muse on how much time compulsive eating takes up and what we might do instead. New BC Shaunie L calls the bravery hotline and allows me to share some of her story, but not her voice as yet.Cheryl leaves another supportive comment on day 68 and I tell all of the Brave Companions just how much their support on day 67 and day 68 did to help change my mind and my life. My new voice acting buddy and honorary BC, Max and his friends make a killer video on YouTube. We hear two very different Bravery Hotline calls from my new dynamic duo, D and D, Diane the Champion and Dawny. We discover Dawny’s been on the Half Size Me podcast! Diane reveals her own, very personal feelings about her current interactions with food. My husband, Mark begins a new feature where he tells it like it is about my progress and what it’s like to live with me now vs. when I was dieting. He will report monthly from now on in lieu of my scale. Finally, I muse on my main topic, What’s the difference between eating intuitively and just eating all that you want whenever you want?

Laurie with her iPod hiking

Here I am hiking and listening to Dawny’s story on Heather Robertson’s Show, Half-Size Me. Episode 90.

A view of the hiking trail framed though some buckwheat flowers in bloom.

I get all artistic with my photography on my way home from my hike. Notice how HOT it looks? It’s about 9:00 AM.

Laurie in jeans and a T-shirt

Full body photo snapped by Mark. It’s been 31 days since I’ve weighed by the scale. Size 18W pants and Regular Ladies’ Size XL shirt. Goes with this month’s No-Diet report by Mark.


My favorite Scone Recipe – I add 2 individual packages of Trader Joe’s Omega Enhanced Trail-Mix and use up to half of the flour with whole wheat cake flour. Today I added 2 T of Chia Seed, it tasted pretty good!

Fionna’s comment on Day 68

Fionna’s blog post about Robin Williams and her shout-out for the show.

My FB conversation with Alana

BRICE’s cool hiking analogy and brave comments on Day 68

Cheryl’s super supportive comment on Day 68

Max’s kind comment on the blog post where I was scared to go to the voice actors’ meeting.

The blog post I wrote about where I was scared to go to the voice actors’ meeting.

Dawny’s Podcast Episode on Heather Robertson’s Half Size Me

Links to Dawny’s comments on day 68 where she added links to other video and stories about Dawny’s amazing weight loss and life.

Diane the Champion’s comments on Day 68

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Host: Laurie Weaver
Laurie’s No-Diet Report Intro Announcer: Mark Weaver

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Resource of the day

Good Food Bad Food – Myth Busting.
An interesting article by Jennifer Pereira MA, RD, LD, CSCS, LPC-Intern – WISE Therapist, on the professional nutrition, healthy living and Intuitive Eating blog, Healthy.Lifestyle.Balance. I understand that many folks have various nutritional views, but this article is very close to how I feel, eat and live today. No bad foods for me. Check it out if you’d like a gander at an article that’s close to where I’m coming from.
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25 thoughts on “Ep 0069 – What’s the Difference Between Intuitive Eating and Just Eating Anything?

  1. Dawny

    I sooooo LOVED this podcast, it has my upmost attention even now on my SECOND listen (rarely do I listen to anything TWICE, that’s like watching a movie twice, or reading a book twice.. huh?? lol)

    Happy Busy Tuesday..

    a GREAT start in our not too soo hot morning for me wahooooo 30 mins of strength training go me.. I was doing 10 mins more often, but have found love in doing two 30 minute sessions, for one, I feel more ‘accomplished’ as i ‘feel’ the work out more LOL and for two, I get it ‘done’ in 2 days instead of a little every day, it’s my least favorite thing to do. =-) then I went on a bike-a-bout, sure makes a difference when you have something you ENJOY to hear, usually my bike-a-bout’s are fairly short, but today wowsa a whopping 45 minutes.. LOL I was just ‘listening’ and riding along and yah.. yay

    I can SOOOO relate to soooo much you say/do/ feel Laurie, I LOVE your podcast!!!!
    and thanks for the shout-outs, and wow, i sure sound strained when Im wogging LOL.. I walk fast, but didn’t realize how ‘breathless’ i’d sound.. lol..

    HUGS to our new bravest companion, sorry Im SOOOO terribly bad with names.. BUT I can TOTALLY relate to the binge eating at others homes syndrome, granted my description for ME of binge eating is different then that of what the real definition seems to be, but this weekend when I dog sat, I did find myself rummaging thru the cupboards and freezer.. what?! I didn’t indulge much, but just the act of foraging was eye opening

    Laurie, you INSPIRE me… I LOVE the insight you gave on intuitive eating, and the diet mentality, im more and more getting closer, I just KNOW it and FEEL it in my heart and soul, combining my ‘diet mentality’ with my idea of intuitive eating is getting me nowhere fast..
    YOUR AWESOME! just saying

    and im eager to skype =-) with you

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Hi Dawny, thanks for stopping by to comment on Day 69, that one was so jam-packed, it took ME a day to process it myself. Your call made me smile. Go back and listen to any of the first 4 episodes and you sound like and Olympian compared to my breathing. I still pant too heavily to record hiking up the mountain, but I’ve been thinking about trying to do a segment on the way down. That might be interesting to try, and I often see deer, snakes or other wildlife, so that might make for lively recording! The other brave companion who called is Diane the Champion. I too thought that was brave to call about her story at others’ homes. I used to raid the cupboards baby sitting too, and when I was an exchange student to Germany. That is probably one of my most embarrassed thoughts – but you know, this coping process of compulsive eating, gets its hooks into our minds and behavior. It becomes such a habit and a compulsion isn’t a compulsion if it’s conscious choice. That’s why I find, even saying out loud, “I’m choosing to eat chips right now”, really helps. The compulsion doesn’t like conscious choice, and when I choose, I usually eat less than if I “let ‘er rip”. So far, not much binge behavior lately, but I don’t consider myself “cured of it”. I just have more tools in my emotional toolbox than a call to the robot aliens now.

      This week my schedule is pretty full, but maybe we can set up a Skype call next week or weekend. Drop me an email and let me know what times/days are good for you. We should probably assume we need an hour to make sure the recording is working and sound is good etc.

      1. Dawny

        I would LOVE it =-) weekends are usually okay, especially earlier, or any-time in the evenings could probably work but if my mind is right your Eastern Time? and im pacific, the evening thing could get ‘tricky’ and i work 8-4

  2. Cheryl

    Lots of stuff to ponder there today! I think the thing that struck me the most was your comment that if we don’t feel worthy within ourselves we will suck in negativity. I thought holy cow… Perhaps I have to start dealing with negative things (more than just comments, too) from an “inside-out” perspective and not let the negative stuff become “outside-in.” Now that probably makes no sense, but I think it’s the way things might have to work to throw off that “shroud of shame” you mentioned.

    That’s just a round-about way of saying, I guess, I need to be my own champion. Like buying those silly shoes I posted about this week. If I don’t respect myself enough to do what I need to do for my own well-being, why the heck should I expect anyone else to? Not a new concept to me, but it certainly hit me in a different light today.

    Also, really appreciated your comments at the end of the podcast about your personal binge eating experience. I realized listening to you that I haven’t been in that position. That’s not my problem. I’m more in that place Dawny was mentioning up above in her comment — I’m a forager. ESPECIALLY, like Diane, when I’m alone. I REALLY need to be around people, and being stuck at home is a death knell for me when it comes to eating. I wonder if maybe your new-found courage in filling up your life with things you are passionate about, new people, new dreams, isn’t one of the biggest contributors to your success in your life right now. After all, how many of us just use food to fill up that empty space left by lack of connections in our life?

    Great podcast today.

    1. Dawny

      replying to this last sentence cheryl, ” After all, how many of us just use food to fill up that empty space left by lack of connections in our life?”
      PICK ME!!!! i realized too, after hearing this.. how REAL this is for ME

      1. Cheryl

        We’re all so much alike, aren’t we, Dawny? We just don’t realize it. I think that’s what is so cool about what Laurie is doing here. It’s one of the best feelings in the world to find out we’re not alone and there are others on that trail with us. It’s very enriching getting to know you all.

        1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

          Thanks GF, that is my FAVORITE thing about the show and blog for me, is the discovery that we are together, we are not alone, and we are fine as we are. That is HUGE for me. We are FINE however we feel and we are fine to SAY SO! (Can you tell I have ‘shut up and go away with your problem’ issues? 😉 )

    2. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      I think the thing that struck me the most was your comment that if we don’t feel worthy within ourselves we will suck in negativity. I thought holy cow… Perhaps I have to start dealing with negative things (more than just comments, too) from an “inside-out” perspective and not let the negative stuff become “outside-in.”

      YES YES YES! That’s it exactly. We need to build to be a solid core of who we are inside, then outside opinion can bounce away. For example, if someone made fun for me for being a red-head, it would not hurt because I know I am NOT a red-head. And I would think they are just a jerk or blind or both. So to extend, if someone makes fun of or makes a negative remark about my large legs now, and I have internalzed that my legs are ok as they are, the comment makes me think they are just a jerk and/or don’t appreciate my type of leg. Notice the difference? They don’t appreciate my type of leg. NOT my legs are SHAMEFUL and/or BAD. So one may not appreciate my jokes, my writing, my voice, my body, that is their right. I don’t have to agree with them. The trickier bit, is when I AM THE BULLY TO MYSELF. But it still applies. “Oh, so I don’t appreciate my legs today, I wish they were different. Isn’t that interesting? Well self, my legs are strong and Raphael would have loved them. I love them too, so let’s move on. What shall we do today?” Sounds crazy, but it works for me.


  3. Diane

    So much on which to comment!! No time!!! I am going to listen again tomorrow and jot down comments as I go. I will be back!

  4. Diane

    Congratulations Dawny on your progress with I. E. Thats great that you were able to be in an environment with food, but listened to your body instead! I love the story of your journey! You persisted without exception!

  5. Diane

    Laurie- I love the segment with your husband! My husband is the same way as Mark….. short and straight to the point answers! It is great that he is seeing posjtive changes with your body. Screw the scale!! Great job Laurie!

  6. Diane

    Wow! Interesting listening to myself. As I heard it, I could tell I was nervous and choosing words carefully!

    I would like to say that thru the course of finding this podcast, which has ultimately led me to other podcasts, I have found an interesting way to keep my binging to a minimum. After I called the bravery hotline, which was 2 weeks ago almost, I have been much much better with my eating and I have a different mindset going on right now. So I am making progress! I will call the bravery hotline again in the near future an talk about more what is going on with me. I will say that one thing I am doing right now, whenever I feel like I am about to binge, I put on my headset to my phone and use an audio diary app to record my feelings. It has helped to talk me through these episode without binge eating.

    Thank you Laurie for this podcast! It led me in a direction that I am not sure I would have found

  7. Diane

    I have a question about intuitive eating. I don’t think I’m going to try it, at least not right now, but I would like to know how I would go about it, considering I leave the house at five a.m and sometimes do not get home until after 7 pm because I am a personal trainer in the morning, then I clean houses all day, then sometimes I go back in train in the evening. Because of this very long schedule and I am far from home, I pack all of my food to take with me. I do a lot of food prep on the weekend so that through the week my food is ready to just throw in my lunch box cooler for the day. I have 4 or 5 meals with me and everything is portioned out already, just because of convenience. How does someone in my situation do i eating then?

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Hi Diane, thanks for all of your comments, I have a few minutes so thought I would try and answer this one a bit. If you haven’t read this book, I’d recommend you get it – this is my Amazon link, but you can also find it other places. There are many books around the concept of Intuitive Eating, but this one separates and outlines many of the concepts really well,
      Intuitive Eating

      Also, here is the link to the online forum for the folks who follow this brand of IE. It’s a great place to post questions about it. I’m a member, but don’t post much because I am sensitive to not wanting to look like I’m pushing my show vs. learning.

      As someone who has followed both training diets and weight loss diets, it can be super hard to wrap my head around Intuitive Eating, and I’d suspect that may be true for you too. Basically, it’s the opposite of planning. Now please DO NOT take this as a suggestion, because the BIGGEST part of IE is learning to listen and respond to your own thoughts, cues and feelings instead of being guided by an external force, authority or measure. But if I was, today, in the headspace that I am in and had a job like yours, I would be packing a large cooler with all manner of stuff I like to eat, including the ‘healthy foods’, that I LIKE to eat. I would also include other treats that seem likely. I wouldn’t consider portions so much, just make sure I had enough food for how hungry I would get. I also would take a real plate with me (I used to do this when working too, I HATE to eat out of containers or on paper). When I either felt hungry, or otherwise feeling the need to eat, I would, if I could, sit down and eat something, preferably off of my plate. For times I cannot, such as when driving or in a meeting, I keep packets of Trader Joe individual nuts with me, as nuts are very satisfying to me and stop the hunger for awhile. In fact I keep about 2-3 packets in case 1 doesn’t do the job.

      No notice, that this method would not match up to a training diet or schedule. Because the goals of IE and a training diet are different. The training diet is based to build your body and strength etc. IE, in my opinion, is to rebuild your relationship to food and eating. It is very tough to mix IE with any form of planned diet. I won’t say impossible, but very tricky. Hope this helps you to at least have some ‘food for thought’ about what you want. Try not to throw the baby out with the bath water. The main work truly, is finding a way to determine what YOU really want, and then work from there with baby steps. Take time to evaluate how you feel and take a few more. If you try some IE, and it freaks you out, pull back and figure out why. My therapy is really KEY to my current Quote”Success” Unquote, so that may be something to consider too. I really really struggle with giving up the urge to diet almost every day. But I am extremely clear, that my life would benefit most from working on my relationships with people, and breaking my dependence on dieting and bingeing. I still wish I had been a champion. I still wish I could get back to size 8. I still wish I could feel better about my body. I’m working on the last one, grieving the others, and trying to let them go.

  8. Helen

    Hi Laurie it’s Helen, few I have finally just about caught up ( half way through podcast 69) and I have even managed to listen to your interview with Alan, it was fab, well done you, I do hope you manage to get together in the future and do more.
    There has been so much to take in over the many podcasts, and so often I wanted to write to you, but topics and subjects do not come as easily to me as to others, when I’m listening while I’m jogging I feel I can relate so much to what you are saying, but when I’m home I just don’t know where to start especially if I have listened to few podcasts in one go, but again thank you so much, you are such an inspirational brave lady to do what you do and it means so much to us all.
    Thank you to all my shout outs now I’ve caught up and for an update regarding Gracie on podcast 64, let’s hope she is well.
    Hello to all the new brave companions (I think there is a lot of new brave companions since my last post, so I’m going to cheat and say hello to you all in one place and then I’m not missing anyone out).
    The thing that struck me also was the ” comment that if we don’t feel worthy within ourselves we will suck in negativity. I thought holy cow… Perhaps I have to start dealing with negative things (more than just comments, too) from an “inside-out” perspective and not let the negative stuff become “outside-in.”
    wow can really relate to that I have very low self esteem, but we would not allow a friend or stranger to talk to us the way we talk to ourselves, so why do we do it to ourselves,what do we achieve from it.

    1. Cheryl

      “…but we would not allow a friend or stranger to talk to us the way we talk to ourselves, so why do we do it to ourselves,what do we achieve from it.” That’s a dern good question and one I struggle with all the time.

      1. Helen

        Yes we can be so horrible and cruel to ourseves it’s quite unbelievable when we are rational and can think clearly, we would not dream of speaking to a friend like we do to ourselves, or allowing them to speak to us like that, i don’t think we would have many friends left if we did, but yet we find it so easy and acceptable to put ourselves down again and again.
        I often think if we could reset ourselves like you can reformat a computer what part of our life would we choose, where would we put yourselves in our lives where we felt contented and happy with life.
        Sorry bit of a full on subject so please delete if you feel it’s to much

        1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

          Hi Helen, Hugs, Hugs, Hugs! No worries, you can say however you feel around here, AND as much as you wish about it! No limit other than respecting others. Truly, no apologizes for YOUR TRUTH ever 🙂 (I have that rule because I always wanted a place where that was true, where I could express myself as much as I want without other people asking me to hold back, be quiet, or to feel like I had to take care about what I said. And your comments here, are VERY on point to what I’m thinking and discussing next show. So, GMTA (Great minds think alike).

  9. Helen

    Thank you so much for kind words.
    I wanted to let you know I have looked at your recent photos and you look absolutely fantastic, you look vibrant, confident and that you are enjoying the moment and life. Well done for being brave and posting selfies, you look fab girl xx


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