Ep 0007 – Avoiding exercise bulimia and how to overcome a binge

Laurie enjoys refreshing water at the top of the hiking trail.
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Water tastes so great at the top of a hiking trail!

Podcast Recap

When my awesome plan to record during a hike, Zen-like, from the mountain-top, derails due to technical difficulties, I climb down the mountain and into the comfort of my hammock back home where I muse about exercise bulimia, the nature of binges and how to come back from one.


Laurie’s Sparkpeople team for listeners of the podcast and for those dealing with compulsive overeating, binge eating, or emotional eating issues who’d like support. – Closed 10/22/14 due to lack of participation

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Host: Laurie Weaver

Main Theme: I’m Letting Go by Josh Woodward from The Simple Life Part 1

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Resource of the day

When Too Much Exercise Becomes a Problem a good article on Spark People about Compulsive Exercise and Exercise Bulimia by health writer, Leanne Beattie
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4 thoughts on “Ep 0007 – Avoiding exercise bulimia and how to overcome a binge

  1. Deeann

    Hi back at ya! 😉

    This one brings back memories. I both miss and don’t miss the exercising for calories days. I’m still trying to find motivation to exercise at all right now 😮 Ugh!

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Dee, I’m so glad to see you again! I know what you mean about missing and not missing. It was so easy to just exercise away our “sins” 🙂 But it got so the exercise was feeding my compulsion to eat more, so I stopped counting it that way. I also know how it sucks to try and force yourself to do anything – especially exercise. Maybe try something fun that’s just movement? Even dancing around the house ala Ferris Bueller, for 5 minutes can be fun. Today I did my most hated exercise – whopping big house cleaning. I have to move the furniture all around to vacuum and mop my tile floors. HATE it! (But I do love the results and how great I feel after). Tomorrow is my water aerobics class and I’m going to have to make sure I don’t weasel out. I’ll like it once I’m there, I just hate to get up and get ready and change into my swimsuit – it all feels like such work in the AM. Oh boy, I need to be more positive. I LOVE to jump into my swimsuit early in the morning. Love it. Love it. Love it….Nah, can’t convince myself of that, but I do like my class and seeing my friends. I’ll have to put you on weasel patrol. Since I’m telling you I’ll go, I will go.

  2. Shirley

    Day seven
    You have reminded me that In the past, I did most of my processing of feelings and problems when I went walking and bush walking. But since my knees became arthritic I haven’t been able to walk or hike as I used to, which was daily. Now I swim and do Aqua, but it isn’t the same when it comes to processing my feelings. So I’m going to try recording as I bike from now on. I used to write also, so now I’m thinking of getting an anonymous blog. Or at least writing to you.

    With regard to the bulemia exercising, I learnt through having a chronic illness that I needed to be very balanced with my exercise regime. Otherwise I would end up too exhausted to do any exercise, for many days. So I swim and do Aqua three times a week and on the off days I bike. I really love the social aspect of Aqua. I love biking and it’s not really exercise. I do it to get me from a to b. It’s exhilarating. I really love it.

    I’ve developed some very healthy eating behaviours through following various self help groups including weight watchers, and general nutritional education. For instance, when I’m not in compulsive overeating mode, I rarely eat highly processed foods and if I have a weird day, a binge day, that’s all it is. One day. But about six months ago, when I set off on a great adventure, leaving behind my daily routine and my community, I started to loose sight of the regular healthy eating habits I had developed over the previous relatively successful 3- 4 years. I had lost 25 kilos (55 lbs) up until then.

    I was very active for the first three months of my big adventure, and I kept to my whole food eating plan but I started to regularly eat more and more processed foods, cake and fried food as well. The last three months I have felt somewhat isolated, and stressed about a number of things, and at the same time, my activity level dramatically decreased. I would say to myself at the beginning of each day that today I would get back to my healthy food plan, and each day, (until I started listening to your podcast and was reminded of all the things that I have learned throughout my adult life about compulsive overeating) I would fail.

    So thank you for expressing your thoughts because I really need support at the moment. I am a long way from my family and friends and community. I am realising just how important they are to me, even though I can, and have, compulsively eaten over feelings that come up from those very same relationships.

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Hi Shirley, I LOVE hearing about your adventures. I too can let isolation trigger me to my old pal “food”, and I tend to eat the same amount even when my activity goes down for one reason or another. I think I still have to fight the habit aspect in my eating, even though my habits are much improved. I am also very pleased the shows are providing companionship and encouragement to you. That is very special. I’m rooting for you. xoxoxoxox


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