Ep 0075 – My Bravery Report – Voice Acting and Singing Classes

Laurie in front of a sound booth
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I’m smiling because I don’t realize HOW messy my hair is at this very moment. Instead, I’m just SO happy to be at my first voice acting lesson and to have experienced recording from inside of a real sound booth.

Podcast Recap

Back on the mountain I let go of the stew of anxiety and doubt swirling around trying new things, newly tight pants, photos that make you look as bad as possible AND discover that Photoshop can crop your negative thinking as well as those pesky bad photo angles! Max’s 20/20 show is delayed due to the passing of Joan Rivers. I’m LaurieDreamWeaver on Instagram and I like to see your photos. A shout-out to Sophie from Scotland. I decide to make certificates for catching up with all of the show episodes and mention how to sign up for the show email list so you can be one of the first to see them. Welcome to new brave companion Annie! Last show, Stéfanie’s Secret Topic of the Day triggered a comment conversation between Cheryl, Marquita and me. Marquita is on the bravery report for calling the bravery hotline! I’m on the bravery report too for sharing the stories and clips from my first voice acting class and my first singing lesson.

Laurie with Marc Cashman in a sound booth

My teacher, award winning voice actor and director, Marc Cashman, with me in the booth at my first voice acting lesson.

Trail path in shade

From the start of the trail you can see how I chase the shade up the mountain by starting early in the day. Once the sun is up, it is unrelenting heat.


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Last episode with Stéfanie’s Secret Topic

Cheryl’s comment about people needing connection and about meditation on Day 74

Marquita’s reply to Cheryl on Day 74

Cheryl’s supportive comment back on Day 74

My 2 cents worth comparing our isolation to the Little Prince

The Little Prince on Amazon – please use the links below

The Little Prince

The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery

The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Dawny’s encouragement to me on FB prior to my first voice acting class

Marc Cashman’s website. Marc is an award winning voice director and actor and my voice acting teacher. I highly recommend his classes!

My cropped voice acting photo on FB and Fionna’s supportive comment

Sue and Dawny support me on FB about my singing lesson

The website of Vicki Hilferty, my singing teacher

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Host: Laurie Weaver
Voice Director: Marc Cashman of Cashman Commercials
Singing Teacher: Victoria Hilferty of Hilferty House

Main Theme:I’m Letting Go by Josh Woodward from The Simple Life Part 1

I’m Letting Go (Josh Woodward) / CC BY 3.0

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10 thoughts on “Ep 0075 – My Bravery Report – Voice Acting and Singing Classes

  1. Sandy

    I agree with Viki, your new singing teacher and my dear friend, that you DO have good pitch! My goodness. I am so glad you had a great experience and I want to encourage you to continue this wonderful journey of self-expression!

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Awww shucks, Thanks Sandy! I never would have had the nerve without you. And I sang much better than I thought I ever would – especially since I was so nervous, But Viki is a wonderful teacher and I’m looking forward to learning more. Hugs Hugs Hugs for helping me get over my singing phobia. I feel that I can find a choir someday and actually have singing as part of my public life now.

  2. Cheryl

    What a FUN episode! Laurie, that voice acting lesson was amazing. You sounded very professional for a first lesson! And then, you sang one of my favorite songs from “Cinderella!” You sounded pretty dern good! Lesley Ann Warren would be proud of you, and so am I!

    (A bit of trivia for the day since I’m guessing you like “Cinderella”… The words for “Loneliness of Evening” that the prince sings in “Cinderella” were originally intended to be used in “South Pacific.” Emile De Becque was supposed to sing it, but for some reason — can’t remember what it was — they didn’t used the song or didn’t write the music for it. BUT the words from the song are the words in Emile’s note to Nellie given to her during the program for the Seabees. Cool, eh?)

    Now, at some later date I fully expect to hear you sing “Impossible; It’s Possible!” on your podcast because you have PROVEN that anything is possible! ! So get to practicing, gal!

    Marquita, I laughed right out loud listening to your story about going back and back again to your jar to take just a little then realizing how much you had eaten — right after I blushed like crazy because I recently did the same thing! But MY culprit was a bottle of Hersheys chocolate syrup. I was SO sick afterwards! Thank God the bottle was only half full to begin with! LOL We are all so much alike.

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Yes, my teacher Viki, said it was fate because I was wearing my sparkly Disney Princess shirt for my lesson and she has already picked out my song. Wow, that is some interesting trivia, How do you FIND all of this stuff? Anyway, I thought it was a fun episode too, not a bad thing after all of the heavy topics we’ve been tackling. 🙂 Helen just sent me another good joke for Foolish Fun, so I’m happy to have some more lightness to throw into Day 76 too.

      1. Cheryl

        I was watching South Pacific not too long ago and when Nellie read Emile’s note I thought, I KNOW THOSE WORDS. Then I started singing them in my head. LOL I looked up an interview where they talked about the song.

  3. Marquita

    This is such a wonderful site to visit! The podcasts and comments are so full of support, bravery and fun! Laurie: beautiful singing, let me just say!!! I am so proud of you!! Your voice acting was also great! It is inspiring for me to see people doing what they are passionate about.
    Cheryl, it is comforting to know that I am not the only one who had “an incident” with a jar of food! I did the same thing to a chocolate bar, yesterday. But, with each incident I am learning to forgive and have compassion for myself. Somewhere along the way we learned to cope with food and let what we put in our mouth be connected to our self worth. Baby steps in getting off the hamster wheel…

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Thank you Marquita! I too love the mutual support we have around here. It is one of the BIG reasons I gained confidence enough to have my voice adventures. Brava for taking baby steps and not letting a little food snafu derail your progress. Take enough baby steps and the next thing you know, you’ve toddled a LONG, LONG way and can enjoy the view.

  4. Dave

    I just heard your practice commercial for Quiznos and it made me very hungry…..and I don’t like Quiznos.

    You and your blog are the “BEST!!!!”

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Wow, that took me back! If memory serves, the Quizno’s spot was my first try at my first voice acting lesson in the booth. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Now, I kind of cringe to hear it, but it also brings back SUCH happy memories. I was so thrilled to actually be doing something I’d wanted to try for such a long, long time. Thanks for the walk down bravery lane 🙂


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