Technical Difficulties – with my media host – should be resolved

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My technical difficulties should be resolved. All of the show files are back online and I should finish testing them all today. I will go record a bonus episode in the park so I can test publishing a new one. Fingers crossed that this is the end of the trouble!

I’m in contact with my Media Host, and working on the issue, but yesterday after publishing episode 71, all of my show files became unplayable to you. It has to do with the urls that are attached to each show file. I was able to re-upload the show files for days 34-71 and from my checking across places where you may listen, those seem ok. If you have already downloaded earlier shows to listen to later in some way, you should be able to listen to those, no problem.

So frustrating! But the good news is no Robot Aliens in sight.

Take Care, as I work with them to try and get this figured out and resolved to get shows 1-33 back up and running.

PS, Alen and I rescheduled our interview to next week since I was up too late last night and too crabby this AM to be a good interview candidate.


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6 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties – with my media host – should be resolved

  1. Rachel

    Aha so that explains about the missing episodes. Would be so disappointed not to hear then all as I am catching up. As usual thought it was something I’d done as I am not that great at technical things, although am confident enough to have a go and muddle through.
    Better out than in I say and have a rant rather than turn to food to feel better (it doesn’t work) to quote Geneen Roth ‘like putting ice cream on a cut knee’ or something like that.

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Hi Rachel, this happened at the end of August and was a one time event that is now resolved. Are you having problems now? I just checked the UK iTunes and all 80 of the show episodes are working there. Also, if you are on a computer or an iPad tablet, this website, has at the top right in the blue column a drop down menu for all of the episodes so you can listen here to any you may have missed. If you are on a phone or a different brand of tablet, the episode menu is most likely near the bottom. On a phone or some tablets, the blue column of widgets will follow the posts and comments. (Widgets are what you call the little things you can click outside of the post and comments such as the search box, send a voice message, where the latest comments displays etc.)


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