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Ep 0178 – Zen Garden

Laurie with her hair down smiling under a tree
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Letting my hair down at Descanso Gardens. Zen is how you look at things.

Podcast Recap

It’s a Zen Day by the duck pond at Descanso Gardens. I learn why my favorite bench disappeared from the dry river bed. I contemplate what connections mean – especially to ourselves. Hello to new BC V. Comments from BCs Dave, Sue from the UK and Louise from the UK. Mark the Meditator pops in. Today’s dance moment is a chill contemplative song called Zen Garden.

Mallard ducks gather on the cement path by the pond. Dappled shade from overhead trees.

Here are my impromptu podcast listeners!

Small green pond seen through scraggly pine trees. Blue sky.

Here’s a glimpse of part of the duck pond I recorded by for day 178.

The Last Show with comments from BCs Sue from the UK and Louise from the UK

Day 176, Episode about gifts that BC Dave references – and this is the one with Vegan Zombies!

See a video of my duck friends gathering around while I recorded this show.

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Host: Laurie Weaver
Mark the Meditator: Mark Weaver
Today’s Dance Moment Music, Zen Garden, is used with permission from AudioBlocks.

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