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Ep 0170 – Let the Sun Shine Through

Laurie smiling in profile against a cloudy sky at sea with blue skies peeking through.
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I love this selfie taken on the ship’s balcony. It shows my spirit at peace and I am filled with awe at the view and gratitude for this opportunity.

Podcast Recap

It’s a dark and stormy night as I get back from a wonderful voice acting cruise and end up in continuous down pouring rain and develop a terrible case of bronchitis. Through musical advice I learn to focus on the sun as I ponder my blessings. I come up with a new description for the show. Updates from Jo from the U.K. BC Dave supports via kind comments and shares his latest struggles. We greet our newest BC, Louise from the U.K. We can learn to listen to our inner voices via taste journaling. You and I can Do Anything by Yoo Soo Kim is the episode’s featured music.

Sun peeks through clouds over the water and reflects in the ocean's ripples.

One of the inspiring views from the ship’s balcony.

Balcony deck chairs and table.

Here is the balcony where we had so much fun and I was inspired by the many views to ponder about my life.

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Host: Laurie Weaver

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