Ep 0125.s5 – Bonus – Holiday Update 2015

Laurie in the sound booth
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I’m bravely in the sound booth getting ready to sing O Christmas Tree.

Podcast Recap

This special holiday update features creative work by Mark, me, Fionna and her hubby Matt. Dawny calls in some fun holiday jokes for foolish fun and Sue from the UK gets a new phone for Christmas and uses it to send us her holiday greetings and an update about her home town. Music, stories, and a new holiday song by Josh Woodward.


Read – Little Piccola

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Mark and My Christmas Adventure blog post

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Listen to the Christmas Adventures of Laurie and Mark (And their fake son, Steve) from years past, with Daily Adventure Tale’s Holiday Episode

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Host: Laurie Weaver
O Christmas Tree Singer: Laurie Weaver
Christmas Morning Song Singers: Fionna and Matt
Laurie’s Foolish Fun Intro Announcer: Mark Weaver
Laurie’s Foolish Funner: Dawny
The Forgotten Gift Author: Mark Weaver
The Forgotten Gift Reader: Mark Weaver
Little Piccola Author: Nora A. Smith
Little Piccola Reader: Laurie Weaver
Guest Caller: Sue from the U.K.


Christmas Morning Song by Fionna Lane

My Christmas List by Josh Woodward

Ukulele version O Christmas Tree by Ukukele Hunt

Other original background holiday music licensed by the awesome folk at http://www.ibaudio.com
(I highly recommend them when you need quality royalty free music for your project).

Sounds used in Laurie’s Foolish Fun Intro

  • Slide Whistle sounds
  • Background Tune/Beat
  • Girl’s Laughter
  • Phone Ring
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16 thoughts on “Ep 0125.s5 – Bonus – Holiday Update 2015

  1. Dawny

    Wahoooooo. What a VERY delightful treat to kick off 2016 for me as I Wog-a-bout around my city at a balmy 6°.

    Laurie your singing is BEAUTIFUL as is Fiona. You guys are amazing!!!! Thanks Mark for the lovely story. It’s awesome talent to be able to take 4 suggested props and make a story from it.
    This whole episode was fabulous. Thank you Laurie for the time and dedication you put into this.

    Such a delight.

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Oh Dawny, ONE reason I hurried to finish it last night, was because I had a FEELING you would be wogging around first thing this a.m. and I wanted to let you start your year off ‘feeling the love’. Thanks so much for all of your support and fun, it really means the world to me. And thanks for saying you like my singing. That is the HARDEST of HARD compliments to let in, but since it is 2016 I will TRUST you mean what you say. (Wasn’t it fun too to hear Matt sing with Fionna? I loved that whole recording as I felt I was sitting right there in their home) BTW, Mark and I REALLY laughed at your holiday jokes. Great content, wonderful delivery. xoxoxoxoxox

      1. Dawny

        Oh my gosh! Of course I meant what I said. I am not one to say things I don’t mean. Fake people grossed me out LOL. I know from experience we are own worst critic we are harder on ourselves than anyone else ever would be. You really sound lovely. I would’ve gave you A 110% not the 70% the professional gave you. I’m not kidding you sounded beautiful. It makes my heart flutter that your hurried for me LOL although admittedly I truly miss you and your journey and the regular podcasting. I understand you’re needing to let go of it and moving along with the current things. So it’s always a super treat for me. I enjoy you it’s not very often you find someone that gets you. Like you get me. So glad you loved the jokes. I tried. I meant to call in with other things but just got sidetracked. I agree listening to that song made it feel like we were right there. It was so real. I will say I got a giggle. 2026? A little ahead of yourself? LMAO. I love you lady. I hope you have a happy holiday weekend.

        1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

          HAHAHA – yes, my cold So Cal typing fingers were time traveling 😉 I fixed it for now though. Thank you. My coach is encouraging me by saying I hit the mark 70% without auto tune. And he is very hard on me, which I appreciate, because it means he thinks I am REALLY singing, and can take the feedback. This was one of the hardest lessons for me in my acting/performing endeavors – that in a coaching/teaching season, true feedback is proof that person respects you and that you have progressed in your skill. I STILL want 100% A+ every time (Thanks Dear, Dawny!), but I’m very glad I have this wonderful mixture of support and artistic truth so I can continue to progress toward my goals. Hmmm, if I think of it that way, even the horrific scale could be seen as a coach if you view the numbers long term. I’m have to think about that one. I’m still having a disconnect with how my body is, and what’s in my head – so photos can shock me. I’m just now starting to see the littlest bit of what most outsiders see, that the body I have CAN be beautiful just as it is. Mark and I are getting back to more regular exercise after alternating sick with busy these last months, and bringing in more fruits and veggies to slowly get our systems a bit more revved and on track. But I didn’t consider a formal diet or counting calories as for me, I think my energy is better put into acting, and you know what a slippery slope dieting is for me. Over time, I have lived in this body and we have had our ups and downs. Right now it persists within 2 pounds (way above my wishes), but that’s what it does. Boy THIS is a long answer to an answer. But, yes, my friend, I get you. From your humor to your struggles to your awesomeness. Happy New Year Baby, you deserve it!

          1. Dawny

            Your the best friend. I’m trying to find that acceptance of my body and where it lies. I’m far from that sadly. I’m working on ONE thing right now. That’s to end the mindless ‘grazing’ that I call foraging. I think that ending this habit will help me a lot. Once I feel as if I’ve successfully moved beyond this habit I have another one I want to abolish. Ridding these habits will grant me a bit of freedom from myself. Wahoooo. Lol

            So happy for you & your decision to healthy eating/living. 😍🙃 I know you’ll find success & satisfaction.

  2. Sue

    What a lovely episode. I loved your singing. The creativity and imagination of Mark and Fionna is inspiring. Dawny’s jokes made me chuckle. I was really blessed by your comments about my home town and for me in particular. Bless you, my dear!

    1. Sue

      I forgot to mention how much Josh’s new Christmas song blessed me. It conveyed such a special message for the season in contemporary times.

    2. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Big Hugs Sue, and I will also play my prayer rocks on the mountain for you and York next time I hike up there. I’m glad you enjoyed this year’s little show. It was fun and I appreciate you taking time to send us your update. BTW, your quilted pillows are beautiful! xoxoxoxox

  3. Dawny

    Happening by to say hi Laurie. Haven’t heard or seen from you and surely it’s because your so busy living & enjoying your life in your new found freedom. Yahooooo.

    I heard a podcast today where the host said “I have a dear friend that refers to them as robot aliens” & I KNEW right away who the dear friend is/was being referenced. Made me giggle.

    I’m anxiously awaiting spring!! Tho today really resembles spring. Not thinking it’s gonna be here long tho. Lol.

    Luv you friend.

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Aww, thanks GF for stopping by! Yep, I have been INCREDIBLY busy these last few weeks with 2 different voice acting coaches, going back to Marc Cashman’s commercial class, REGULAR acting class, writing group and seeing former comedy classmates’ performances when they booked shows. I’m thinking about hiking today for the FIRST time since day 120. Wow! I still weigh the exact same as I have for the last year and My house is STILL a mortifying dusty house of horrors. The main difference is I notice both of these facts and shrug my shoulders a bit instead of beating myself up. A real revelation is how well I’m doing in ‘real’ acting where I have to use my body as well as my voice. I can’t hide, can’t pretend I’m not who I am, I have to embrace and go with it, and so far, my big fear that ‘being big’ will limit me hasn’t hurt me there. I’m able to do well with a variety of characters. It’s all a process. Here’s a thought in case I don’t do a show or a blog post in the near future (btw, please do call in some Valentine’s foolish fun if you want), all that I do now, I try to make sure it leads me toward more happiness and fulfillment. Diets don’t do that. Overeating doesn’t do that. Letting my house sit in dusty horror doesn’t do that, so I clean a little when I notice. Giving up when auditions are hard doesn’t do that. Ignoring friends doesn’t do that. Sometimes an eating plan can help. I for sure followed one when training for biking a marathon. I HAD to drop some weight and get my muscles fueled. My laser focus was on that goal, and giving up crappy food didn’t hurt. But I’ve discovered that laser focus on food and body for its own sake just doesn’t work for me. That focus just makes me unhappy and discontent with myself. No, I don’t advocate diving into the chips or ‘giving up’, I do advocate creating a life that resonates with each of us as a person. Some people thrive on diet templates of one kind or another, some thrive as gym rats. The only exercise I do every day is vocal, though that also involves many physical exercises to increase my lung capacity and breath control. Mark and I still bike ride as we can and I do take walks when I can too. Is my life perfect? Nope! But it is mostly happy, and I don’t have much self-blame anymore. So again my dear friend, I’m sending you spring time thoughts and BIG BIG HUGS. You are so awesome and I love to hear how you are doing. PS, I’m mostly doing once a month show updates near the end or start of the month. So feel free to participate as you would like. We are getting about half of the audience that days 1-120 had in downloads, but we do get new BCs still.xoxoxox

      1. Dawny

        So glad life is well. Busy. But well

        Always learning. Always a journey huh?

        I love hearing from you. I understand we all are/get busy

        I too have been trying to let go of the small stuff. Lol. Not easy.


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