Ep 0140 – Mark The Meditator and ‘Jo’ Many BCs!

Laurie wearing a white shirt and sunhat smiles under a tree
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It’s hot as blazes but I’m pretty comfy in Mark’s old T-shirt sitting under a shady tree on the podcast rock down at my local park.

Podcast Recap

Inspired by the morning meditation Mark and I have been doing, I let go of all the conditions I place on loving myself. An update from Brave Petra about her Instagram post with comment support from Dawny. Dawny shares her mixed feelings about her new job. Lots of BCs named Jo! Our newest BC, Jo from the UK, asks if Any other UK BCs are still listening. Sue from the UK answers along with many friends old and new including BC Jo, formerly from the UK and now from Thailand. Josephine from last show officially becomes a new BC by posting on the bravery report. Welcome new BC, Jane from Suffolk. Sophie from Scotland also pops in on FB and a quick hello from Stéfanie from Quebec. Thanks for supporting the show via Amazon, Virtual Coffee, reviews, FB likes and gifts. I finally work up the courage to put some ink in the beautiful handmade journal Mary S. made me. Mark shares his experience with trying Meditation.

Hot dry grass and bright blue sky with trees in the background

You can almost see the heat shimmer looking out from the podcast rock.

Close up of Laurie's notes in Mary's handmade journal

Proof I actually used BC Mary S.’s wonderful gift in the way she intended.

New BCs

BCs with UK roots who say Hello to new BC Jo from the UK

On my personal FB page
My real life pal from the UK, Juliette, says Hello via FB
My real life pal Eddie, who is NOT from the UK says Hello via FB
BC Jo from Thailand, whom we met on day 108, originally comes from the UK, but now lives and works in Thailand says hello via FB
BC Sophie from Scotland posts her hello to Jo on FB.
On the Show FB page
Sue from the UK greets Jo on the COD page of FB and here on the blog
New BC Jane from Suffolk says hello on the COD page of FB


Last show and comments

Dawny’s comments of support for Brave Petra and her thoughts about her new job

My Bad Binge episode on Day 20

Stéfanie from Quebec’s hello

My meditation recommendations to Dawny

Insight Timer, the app I use for guided meditation

The Morning Mediation Mark Likes – on youtube (on the Insight App it also has music)

Our Social Media TAG is #CODBCS

The blog post where I show you the journal BC Mary S. made for me.

Ways to support the show financially


Host: Laurie Weaver
Special Guest: Mark ‘The Meditator’ Weaver

Main Theme: I’m Letting Go by Josh Woodward from The Simple Life Part 1 Used by permission of Josh Woodward under a Creative Commons License

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6 thoughts on “Ep 0140 – Mark The Meditator and ‘Jo’ Many BCs!

  1. Dawny

    I have to say this was quite an invigorating episode and I truly feel as tho I just traveled the world. Yeah!!!! That was the cheapest travel ever, and look at me, I can say I have friends all over the place!! I’m blessed.

    The return to my old job has proven to be fantabulous and I feel very comfortable like I belong. It was meant to be. I at first was nervous but it came back quite quickly. One down fall is there’s a wee bit more down time if you will. That leads my brain to think I should fill that time/space with snacks. Oooooops. Must find a strategic alternative and fast.

    I’ve been under some stress n so many changes lately. It’s like it all comes/happens at once. Yikes. After renting my home for 17 years the WDOT is buying it to build a freeway interchange. It’s presented an opportunity to possibly buy a home, and financially they’re treating us right, even as tenants not owners, but did I mention I have 17 years worth of raising a family within every crack crevice of that house. Lol. That’s a LOOOOOOOT of stuff. I get yes, I’ll say GET to sort thru pack, throw away, donate. Wow. My boys both moved out a few months ago. I’m not sure if that was good or bad given this circumstance. Onward we go.

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Wowser gal! That IS a ton of changes for one short period of time. I’m glad to hear the new/old job is working out well and also glad that you aren’t losing your house without compensation. But I’m betting it is very disconcerting to move to a new place after all of these years, and I salute you for tacking your sorting with just a positive attitude. xoxoxoxox

  2. Dawny

    Dearest mark, thank you thank you thank you!!!! I truly appreciate the walk thru of your insight to meditation and your rendition has encouraged me more to try it out. And now seems like a good time in my life to try it.
    Not sure why I’ve resisted meditation but you’ve sure put a GREAT positive spin on it. Again. Thank you!!!!

    1. Mark

      Dear Dawny, I appreciate the feedback. I’ve always been a skeptic of self-help easy solutions, so when I tried meditation I was doubtful. But, because of Laurie’s good experience with meditation I figured it was worth a try. In a few days it had already started to improve my attitude towards life. So, it is a great joy to me to know sharing my experience has had an effect on other people. So thank you for sharing your thank you with me.

  3. Jo

    Bless Mark for embracing meditation and for sharing his thoughts on how his journey is going with it. I so wish my dh would use meditation, though as he walks everyday now I have noticed a much calmer mood and disposition!

    Dawny I hope all the changes turn out amazingly, sometimes “enforced” change is terrifying – especially for us compulsive types – though I have often found that when I go with the flow a little more and not resisting or stressing the other side of change is just fine!

    Thank you again Laurie for this episode – in class there were 10 Jo’s (Josephines, Joannas, Joannes, Johannas etc) in our year so I am not surprised to share the episode with so many similarly name BCs!


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