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Ep 0154 – Friends Who Care and All We’ve Shared

Tiger the orange tabby cat is fast asleep hugging Laurie's leg
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I express myself this week through the love of Tiger. He loves to sit on my lap every morning and also every time I sit down to edit the show. He is the show’s unofficial editorial supervisor.

Podcast Recap

A story from my past makes me ponder compassion. Mary S. asks me a deep question for After Thoughts. Dawny gives Mark some props and has a great idea for focusing on the new year. BC Dave and his wife, BC Kathleen are on the Bravery Sports Report for ignoring their fears and playing Disc Golf in a tournament. Supportive comments from BC Suz and BC Dave. BC Josephine lands on the Bravery Report for lending her voice to our new feature, Inspirational Quotes. My friend, voice actor Hayley Mix also shares a quote and the powerful story behind it.

Train tracks under the oak trees

I enjoy following the miniature train tracks through the forest in Descanso Gardens on my way to my usual podcast spot.

Laurie smiling in profile with curly long hair free from her ponytail

I let my hair down at Descanso Gardens


The Last Show and comments

Day 120 – the Finale Show where you can hear Dave and the Robot Aliens

The Holiday Show

Daily Adventure Tales – my first podcast

Read our Inspirational Quotes from today – and Find an Available Quote to send

Alen Standish’s Podcast, Inner Effort

Our newest BC, Sarah from NY’s blog, Mindfully Sarah

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Host: Laurie Weaver
After Thoughts Announcer: Mark Weaver
After Thoughts Commentator: Laurie Weaver
After Thoughts Commentator: Dawny
After Thoughts Commentator: Mary S.
BC Bravery Sports Report Announcer: Mark Weaver
BC Bravery Sports Reporter: BC Dave G.
Quote by Harper Lee Voiced by: BC Josephine
Quote by Rocky Balboa Voiced by: Hayley Mix

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Happy Thanksgiving from the California Coast

Laurie looking back via bike helmet mirror near the beach
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I reflect back on the path this Thanksgiving – pretty good metaphor, eh?

I’m Thankful for…

  • My hubby Mark. Sometimes I think we COULD NOT be more opposite in temperament, timing, wishes, life goals. But somehow we’ve made it work for more than 20 years together. I love you, Honey. Sometimes what you think you want isn’t what you actually need, and I guess we’ve proven that. xoxoxox

    Here’s a link to a short video of Mark riding to the sunset

  • My Cuddly co-editor and sweety cat-boy, Tiger. He came into our lives by accident, and now I can’t imagine a life without him. Sometimes good things happen when you least expect them. xoxoxoxox

    Tiger asleep on the table

    I’m so grateful that the culprit, Tiger the Cat came home. I was so scared I’d lost him, that I didn’t even have the heart to boot him off the table.

  • My gentle and sweet Gracie. She had such a hard time accepting love, but she did it. Sometimes we need to be patient with ourselves and others to let love into our lives. xoxoxoxox
    Close up Tabby face

    The beautiful, gentle Gracie, Tiger’s mama. She proves that life can get better if you are patient and persistent.

  • You, my Brave Companion. Without all of your thoughts, calls, fun, heartbreak, food for thought, robot aliens, laughter and all that we’ve shared in the 42 weeks, 3 Days since I began this experiment…I don’t think I could say today, I don’t even want to head for the chips. Sometimes you need authentic friends in your life to help you accept yourself and grow toward your dreams. Thank you. xoxoxox

Here’s a word search puzzle I made for you. Yesterday’s disappeared, hope this one sticks! Have fun!

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Ep 0090 – Gratitude Beats Windy Blues and Missing Cats

Laurie under the podcast tree wearing a red shirt and straw hat
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All blue skies and no blues, because my cat came home!

Podcast Recap

Tiger’s disappearance and eventual reappearance teaches me to let go of making my body size the main focus of my life. Stéfanie from Quebec, Dawny and Mark all share their gratitude for the holiday. María from a Spanish speaking country takes a brave step by letting her voice be heard. I celebrate María’s act by speaking a little Spanish myself. Sue from the UK and I share comments about day 89’s letting go topic. I read my blog post about getting the blues on a windy day. Several BCs give great thoughts about that blog post, including Diane the champion, Amy from WI and Patt who are on the bravery report for their candor. My voice acting classmate Tye and I have a couple of great reads. Mark gives his take on Intuitive Eating and my progress.

Tiger the cat in Laurie's arms in front of the fireplace

The culprit returns home. Tiger gets a cuddle just before I leave to record day 90.


The Missing Tiger post

The Ventura episode on Day 89

Sue from the UK’s and my comments on Day 89

My Windy Day Blog post

Diane the champion’s comment on my windy day blog post

My reply to Diane the champion

Amy from WI’s thoughts about Intuitive Eating on my windy day blog post

My reply to Amy

Patt’s aha and lightbulb moment in her comments on my windy day blog post

Cheryl’s supportive comments on my windy day blog post

Dawny’s supportive comments on my windy day blog post

The Old Woman/Young Woman Illusion

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