Ep 0164 – I’m Positive!

Laurie smiling near a tree in full leaf. She's wearing a straw fedora and a great big smile to compliment her lilac colored t-shirt.
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A quick snapshot in my garden near my memory tree before I head down to the podcast rock. I’m POSITIVE recording day 164 will be a wonderful experience.

Podcast Recap

Positivity is the theme for the day. We greet new BCs Linda and Charliss. BC Carrie shares comments about the mirror exercise from last show. Encouragement from BC Martha who posted about day 11, a very tough day from my past. BC Dave shares his heart. Updates from BCs Jo from the UK and Dawny. Big smooches to Jo for her generous gift. My top 5 tips for creating positive affirmations and 3 samples.
Different wind chimes hang from a curved branch from an old tree in the garden in front of a brick wall.

These are memory chimes in my garden. They hang from our dead plum tree. It shaded us for many years. Its replacement tree grows next to it. Rather than remove the tree, Mark cut it back and we’re growing jasmine up it. These various chimes have many memories. The multicolored one I bought in memory of my Mom who loved rainbows.

Newest BCs

  • I’m excited to feel great about my body
  • I love learning from my bravery
  • I’m thrilled to focus on the positive


The Last Show including comments by Linda, Jo from the UK, Carrie, and Dawny

BC Martha’s encouraging FB post about Day 11.

Day 11

BC Dave’s heartfelt comment on Day 162

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14 thoughts on “Ep 0164 – I’m Positive!

  1. Dawny

    Hi Laurie gal. And all my BC friends. Thank you so much Laurie for reaching out with your kind thoughts regarding my health issues. I go to the doctor next week to follow up on the heart monitor. I’m not sure what the next steps will be but I’ll try to persevere and push through and keep digging until I find answers.
    Wowasa friend thanks for the positive affirmation walk-through. That really resonated with me and it’s so simple and easy something I can do anytime anywhere especially when I’m feeling less than. That was a great clip thank you again.
    Mind you sure got hit hard with your foot issues. You’re much stronger than I. I think I’d be going absolutely stir crazy. Good for you realizing boredom is a trigger to eat. Just being aware is huge. I have confidence that you’ll push through this and come out on top. I’m glad you’re finding something in yoga.
    I have been extremely busy. Working seven days a week between taking some classes and my jobs. I have goals and I see a light at the end of the tunnel.
    My yard, it’s not thriving quite as well as I would like. I think I’ve decided in the spring I’m going to rototill it all up and plant fresh grass and go from there. I’ll see how the season proceeds. It’s been extremely hot here and very dry. I’m pretty scared to get my water bill. Unfortunately were experiencing some fires as happens every season, However quite a bit closer to home than normal. That breaks my heart.
    Good to hear from you Laurie such a happy positive episode

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Hi Dawny, glad you enjoyed the affirmations! It is fun (and sometimes challenging) to come up with them. My newest is “I’m thrilled to enjoy satisfying food at mealtimes”, because I’m eliminating snacking for a while as it helps me get back in touch with my hunger drive and satiety. Every time boredom or trigger sends an impulse to randomly eat, I say this one out loud. It’s actually working pretty well. Sorry about the heat playing havoc with your yard. Ours too. Our plants were fried pretty badly during the last heatwave. Frustrating. Glad the light is shining through the tunnel of life and sending positive vibes for your medical team to figure out your issues soon. xoxoxox

  2. Jo

    You got this Laurie, your feet may hurt but they will get better and life doesn’t stop between those points so make the most of it!!!
    Welcome to new Bcs and love to us old timers!!
    Stupid hot for here at the moment, things still on the up and up!!
    Short and sweet xoxo

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Thanks Jo! Hmm it seems that BCs worldwide are suffering with heatwaves at present. It’s just a tad cooler here now, at least enough to lounge outside in my hammock in the morning, so that makes me happy. Glad life is feeling positive for you and happy you stopped by. xoxoxox

  3. David Glowen

    Hi Laurie and BCs

    I wanted to report that I went and participated in the disc golf tournament, I recently mentioned, however I played only 1 of the 2 rounds.

    It did not take long to feel overwhelmed and out classed. around hole 15 (of 18) my body and brain decided they had, had enough, however I promised myself I would finish at least 18 holes. So my heart pushed me to complete the round.

    I came in second to last (for that 1 round). The disc golf community is awesome and gave me lots of encouragement and support.

    I had a good time for at least half of the round.

    I did learn something though: after my brain and body quit, I started throwing better although my energy levels were nill. My heart pushed me to complete the round. SO I now believe that I have to ignore my brain and body, and allow my heart to guide me to the finish line of my goals.

    One of the most frustrating parts of overcoming COE is that I have these spots of inspiration and I get lots of encouragement, and still fall in to my old ways……..It has been 10 days since the tournament and my body still has not recovered (maybe I’m not a spring chicken anymore) and between the pain and lack of disc golf, the depression is hitting hard and so is the overeating.

    I can relate to your foot pain and the struggles of the BCs. I wish and hope the best for all and will get through this….I’m going to let my heart guide me.

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Hi Dave! Yay for going for it and doing your best at the Disc Golf tourney. You really did give it your all, and I’m betting this will be a milestone that you remember. I relate to the feeling of blah while off your feet per se. It can be so easy to let food fill the primary spot in our attention and habit again. Thanks to BC Mary S. telling me about this, I am making cards for kids in the hospital to help me feel fulfilled and to do something other than recipe hop while I wait to get back on the mountain. Maybe this would be fun for you too as you are an artistic soul. Here’s a link to it. I’ll probably mention this next show and put a link to in the show notes there as well. Let me know what you think! xoxoxoxo

    2. Carrie Anderson

      Hey Dave!
      I just wanted to say how truly brave you were to compete even though you wanted so badly to pull out. You should be so proud of yourself! It doesn’t matter where you placed, only that you went ahead and did it! I haven’t competed in anything since high school, and I must admit that was over 30 years ago, lol.
      Anyways, I just wanted to congratulate you on your bravery, and I wish you all the best.

  4. Sue Gordon

    Welcome to Linda and Charliss. I hope you enjoy the podcasts and getting to know some of the group. It is always lovely to hear from new listeners.

    I heard on the news about all the terrible fires afflicting the USA and Canada. Keep safe my friends. I hope they are brought under control very soon. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Hi Sue, thanks for your prayers and good wishes. It truly is a terrible fire in northern California and our hearts go out to the people impacted and to the brave firefighters who risk, and sometimes lose, their lives protecting us. Mark, the cats and I are safe as we are not in a danger area at the moment. But the temperatures across the state have been very hot and dry, so it is always a worry this time of year. I hope things are well with you! xoxo

  5. Carrie Anderson

    Hi Laurie (and all the other B.C’s!)
    Thank you for the wonderful podcast, I loved the positive affirmations. One stood out to me in particular…
    “I’m excited to feel great about my body.”
    I have never liked my body, and still don’t, but I’m working on it. I thought after two years of consistent exercise, I would like it better, but of course, my body has a certain shape, and that’s just how it’s going to be! I cant help but compare myself to the other class participants who are small hipped and thin, and perfectly proportioned, and young, lol.
    But after seeing a long lost family member recently, who is my age and suffering from ALS, I was reminded how lucky I am to have the body I do. I have been seeing reminders from many places (including your podcast) to be positive about my body, and I am going to seriously work on my attitude about this. I think your positive affirmations are a great place to start to work on that.
    Thanks Laurie!

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Hi Carrie, I’m so glad that you are starting to feel more positive about your body. Here’s a true story that made me happy. One of my voice acting friends is also on the curvy side, has long hair and glasses, like me. And many of our friends call us by each other’s name by mistake! We laugh about this, and as a joke she took a full length photo of me in the voice over booth at a work-out we were both at and captioned it making a joke about these mix-ups. Well, this was me, with belly really out as far as possible as I was getting air to support my performance. Now in the past, I would have been MORTIFIED to see what I “really” look like vs. what I feel like in my mind, or me turned to a flattering angle with tummy sucked in tightly. But all of the “I love you” in the mirror, made my first reaction a smile. There I was doing what I love with people that I love. I look happy. I didn’t pick on my size at all. I felt pretty neutral. And I must say this is a miracle. A miracle from training my mind to accept and love myself. Does it mean I want to go eat all of the chips and ice-cream I can? No, I still prefer how I feel when I eat in tune with what my body likes vs. what my emotions like, but I didn’t use this photo as a club to make myself feel terrible and hence driven to the chips if that makes sense. I’m enjoying the sense of freedom that learning to love myself is creating for me. Sending positive and love and vibes for you and your family member. xoxo

      1. Carrie Anderson

        Wow, that’s a beautiful story, actually! You were actually able to look at the photo, and just see the you that everyone else sees and loves, with no judgment. That’s awesome!

  6. Dawny

    Win win… yesterday was not a joy eat/food/sugar day.. last evening I found myself in the store yearning. Found some grapes & cherries instead. Wasn’t the best option as I wasn’t hungry. Only craving. And I fed Into the urge/craving BUT it was the better option. Feeling proud. It’s been a Scarazy few weeks. I’ve been sooooo busy with life. But I’m proud to say I’ve shown up for myself. I’m using the things I’ve learned. Not perfectly, but being/staying aware. Some days I get down on myself, but I’m working on remembering the ‘wycwyc’ model (what you can when you can). I’m getting better at deciding I need to plan joys/treats in my life. Not just food ones either. Yay for that. The scale isn’t moving much it still bounces in the range it’s been. I guess Some things I can’t control. Baby steps.

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Wow what a great victory! To know yourself and choose the best you can is a great accomplishment. I’m still struggling with my feet and needing to eat a little less than I do. But I’m not down on myself either. A really big deal for us is Mark and I finally admitted we need help with our mortifying dusty house of horrors. It’s no longer plain laziness or attitude, between my feet and his back we just can’t keep up with the deep cleaning. So we are budgeting for cleaning help. One part of me is relieved and glad we are moving on as we can, the other is sad that I just can’t keep up. Same for hiking, same for biking, same for many of the things I was used to doing. But I’m grateful for the lesson that much as I would LOVE IT, I am not in control of everything in my world. And the sooner I accept and deal with life as it is, the more progress I can make. Sending you love and hugs and positive vibes for your life and all the virtual treats you can possibly imagine. xoxoxox


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