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Ep 0175 – This is YOUR Moment!

Laurie smiling in a broad staw hat with arms outflung in the meadow at the top of the mountain and foothills in the background.
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Here I am like Maria in the Sound of Music. I so enjoyed my Dance Moment on the mountain.

Podcast Recap

Inspired by supportive comments from BC Dave, I enjoy some wonderful moments up at the next to upper Zen spot where I ponder about persistence in the face of challenges and perceived failure. I’m grateful to BC Petra for her kind video message and for new iTunes reviews from Australia and the UK. We also hear from BCs Kelly and Dawny. For today’s dance moment I challenge you all to have a Funky 60 second Dance Party like I did on the mountain. As proof I posted a video of my Funky Mountain Dance to IG as LaurieDreamWeaver.

A wooden bench in shadow under a tree in a very sunny meadow on top of the mountain

You can see the next to upper Zen place is an island of welcome shadow for recording despite the hot sun.

The Last Show

Day 173, with comments from BCs Dave, Kelly and Dawny.

My Funky Mountain Dance Video

My Voice Acting website where you can hear my demos and learn more about that side of my life

Ways to support the show financially


Host: Laurie Weaver

Today’s Dance Moment Music, Funky House Dance is used with permission from AudioBlocks.

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Ep 0120 – The Grand Finale

Laurie and Mark in front of the mic
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So long, Adieu, Auf Wiedersehen, Adiós, Cheerio! From Mark and me in our new sound studio. We’ve had a great time making this show and we send you much love along with it.

Podcast Recap

The epic end of the series. I visit all three of my regular podcast spots and walk down memory lane as well as look toward the future. Features include – a new song by BC Fionna Lane titled A Light in the Dark. A live radio play written by BC David Glowen, directed by David Babich and starring professional and student voice actors. Good-bye audio messages from Cheryl, Sue from the UK, BC Dave, Stéfanie from Quebec, María from Spain and Fionna. Foolish Fun with Dawny Taylor. Stéfanie’s Secret Topic. Stories read by members of the writing group. Good-bye comments from BCs. We welcome the last new BC, Petra. An interview with Alen Standish. Hear my work in the sound booth with voice acting director David Babich as we work on my professional demo. Mark stands in one last time for my scale, and much much more!

At Descanso Gardens

Laurie blows a kiss near an oak tree

A kiss from Descanso Gardens

A wooden bench near an oak tree

The actual podcast bench by the dry river bed at Descanso Gardens

dry river bed

The view of the dry river bed from the podcast bench at Descanso Gardens

Mentioned at Descanso Gardens

Cheryl’s blog, Impromptu Promptlings
Dr. Nina Savelle-Rocklin’s Win the Diet War

Ways to continue to support the show financially

At The Podcast Rock at My Local Park

Laurie in glasses smiling with hat brim turned up

I’m having fun recording Stéfanie’s Secret Topic on the podcast rock

Boulders in the woods under trees

The actual podcast rock from my local park.

trees and brush in the back of the park

The view from the podcast rock at my local park

Mentioned at the podcast rock

Alen Standish’s new show, Inner Effort
Write It Up! The Writing Group Mark and I attend
Stéfanie’s IG account, Weightloss_Stef

At The Next To Upper Zen Spot

Laurie holds her recorder near her face. Slightly sad look to her eyes.

That’s a wrap! I just got through recording how much I really, really, really, really, really care on day 120.

Wooden bench in some brush near a tree

The actual bench at the Next to Upper Zen Spot

Sunrise seen from the mountain

The early morning view from the Next to Upper Zen Spot the day I finished recording Day 120

Mentioned at the Next to Upper Zen Spot

Actor and Director, David Babich
Fionna’s Blog, Fionna Sings
My Bravery Twitter Account, TheBraveryCoach
My IG Account, LaurieDreamWeaver


Host: Laurie Weaver
Special Guest interview: Alen Standish of Inner Effort
Special Guest interview and Laurie in the Sound Booth Voice Acting Direction: David Babich of David Babich Studio
Laurie’s Stories Intro Announcer: Mark Weaver
Dave vs.The Robot Aliens Written by: Dave Glowen
Dave vs.The Robot Aliens Directed by: David Babich
Dave vs.The Robot Aliens Cast:

  • Taylor Watkins as Dave
  • David Babich as Robot Alien #1
  • Ray Holdridge as Robot Alien #2
  • Valerie Schrementi (Alvarez) as Robot Alien #3
  • Laurie Weaver as herself

Laurie’s Foolish Fun Intro Announcer: Mark Weaver
Laurie’s Foolish Funner: Dawny Taylor
Stéfanie’s Secret Topic Intro Announcer: Mark Weaver
Stéfanie’s Secret Topic concept, content and voice by: Stéfanie Lepage
Mark’s No-Diet Report Intro Announcer: Mark Weaver
Bravery Alert Announcer: Mark Weaver
Writing Group Member Stories
The Judge written and read by Peter (J.P.) Bumstead
The Birch Bat written and read by Jake Terrell
The Collector written and read by Samantha Marquis
The Beach written and read by Mark Weaver

Main Theme: I’m Letting Go by Josh Woodward from The Simple Life Part 1 Used by permission of Josh Woodward under a Creative Commons License

Featured Song

Light in the Dark
Music and Lyrics by Fionna Lane
Hear More of Fionna’s music on Soundcloud
Fionna’s Blog, Fionna Sings

Light in the Dark

Well the time has come
I must move on
We have come to journey’s end
So I’ll say “goodbye” and I’ll be on my way
I will carry memories with me
And I’ll always call you “friend”
I’ve a feeling we will meet again one day

Thank you for loving me selflessly
You gave me strength to find what I need
We’ll be apart, but you’re always in my heart
I hope you know
You were my light in the dark

What will I do in my new life?
Gonna travel ’round the world
I’ll be anywhere I want to be
The best part is I’m livin’
And I’m brave and feeling free
And I’ll proudly say “I’m happy to be me!”


At last I’m not scared of my tears
I let them fall
Free as the wind
Your words helped me conquer my fears
And I love you all
I love you all

(Repeat chorus

Laurie Sings Intro and Outro

America : My country ’tis of thee (Metropolitan Quartet)
Composer: Smith, Samuel Francis
Performer: Metropolitan Quartet
Date Issued: 1914

Sounds Used in Mark’s Bravery Alert

  • Alarm
  • Bravery Alert Music
  • News beeps

Sounds Used in Laurie’s Stories Open and Close

  • Music Theme
  • Applause
  • British Welcome
  • Pages Turning
  • Cello Loop

Sounds Used in Dave Vs. Robot Aliens

  • Knock on Door
  • Space Music 2
  • Opening Space Music
  • Creaking Door
  • Door Slam
  • Dun Dun Dun
  • Laurie Memory Music
  • Space Choir
  • Evil Childish Laughter
  • Ending Choir

Sounds used in Laurie’s Foolish Fun Intro

  • Slide Whistle sounds
  • Background Tune/Beat
  • Girl’s Laughter
  • Phone Ring

Sounds used in Stéfanie’s Secret Topic Intro

  • Space background loop
  • Space Alien ray gun zap sound
  • The Human Has been Neutralised
  • Eating Chips
  • Zen Cello

Sounds used in Mark’s No-Diet Report Intro

  • News Jingle
  • News Ting

Sounds Used in the Writing Group Stories

The Judge

  • Epic music
    Mike TheTunk Woloszyn” www.Senproductions.de
  • Courtroom crowd
  • gavel
  • laser gun
  • Fart

The Birch Bat

  • Ukulele background music
  • Bat and crowd
  • ballpark organ and crowd
  • birds
  • axe

The Collector

  • Metal Clink
  • Soundtrack
  • Police are close
  • Key fob chirp

The Beach

  • Ocean
  • Flute
  • Seagull

Other Sounds

  • Crowd Cheering
  • Crowd awww
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Ep 0114 – Joy and My Inner Fat Chick

Laurie wearing her P.J.s by the mic in front of a quilt hung over the window
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HaHaHa, I AM literally recording my story for Laurie’s Stories in my pajamas. Got to love voice work!

Podcast Recap

I meet some brand new friends, Jessie and Nicole, along with their cute dogs on top of the mountain. I let go of my Inner Fat Chick Identity as I ponder creativity and its place in our world. Thank you to Dawny for posting a 5 star review on USA iTunes. Thanks also to Amazon shoppers and to coffee klatchers who subscribe and donate to the show monthly. Stéfanie from Quebec weighs in with her thoughts on day 113. Two wonderful and touching stories from two new brave BCs – Shea and eM. Mark and I launch another new feature – Laurie’s Stories. I read a story of my own from last week’s wild and wooly writing group that was inspired by the current fad, Cards Against Humanity. Triggered by a comment conversation with BC Dave on one of my status reports, I explore the idea of what it means to find joy.

Laurie's face in foreground with Jessie and Nicole and puppies behind her on the hiking trail

I noticed when I got home, that I accidentally took a selfie that features Nicole and Jessie who I interview in this episode. How’s THAT for lucky? I’d been regretting not asking for a photo.

People on the hiking trail

This shows the unusually crowded trail conditions as I recorded on Memorial Day and people were out enjoying their day off.

Focusrite Solo Audio Interface box with headphones on it next to a pile of books with Laurie's mic perched on top

This little red box is my newest audio equipment. It’s a Focusrite Solo Audio Interface. It turns the signal from the mic into digital files better than going directly to the computer. I used it for recording my story and I think you will hear how it improves my sound. Now, I’m getting a mic stand next week as I hate recording with my mic balanced on stacks of books!


My blog post that I mention, How to Go with the Friggin’ Flow Without Flowing Over

The Show with BC Sandy

Day 113 where you can see Stéfanie from Quebec’s comments

My Voice Acting Coach, David Babich’s site

Day 99 – where I ponder about attributes

Check out Cards Against Humanity for yourself

Our fun writing group, Write it Up!

My status report on May 15 where you can see Gracie the cat and read Dave’s comment

Ways to support the show financially


Host: Laurie Weaver
Laurie’s Stories Intro Announcer: Mark Weaver
Laurie’s Stories Story written by: Laurie Weaver
Laurie’s Stories Reader: Laurie
Speakpipe Audio: Shea

Main Theme: I’m Letting Go by Josh Woodward from The Simple Life Part 1 Used by permission of Josh Woodward under a Creative Commons License

Sounds Used in Laurie’s Stories

  • Music Theme
  • Applause
  • British Welcome
  • Pages Turning
  • Cello Loop

Other Sounds

  • Crowd Cheering
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Ep 0095 – Our 2014 Holiday Extravaganza

Laurie wears a santa hat and is looking up holding an orange on the hiking trail
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I’m so happy I think Santa may be flying overhead a little bit early.

Podcast Recap

Live from the Next to Upper Zen spot, I ponder letting go of ‘woe’ and bringing in the ‘yay’ just in time for our first annual Holiday Extravaganza. We get caught up with Kendra the Librarian, Hear greetings from Stéfanie from Quebec, Alen Standish, Mark, and our fake son, Steve. I have fun getting all Jib Jabbery with the holiday selfies. Suz goes on the bravery report for whipping up the courage to speak to us for the first time on Speakpipe before she plays her holiday concert piece, ‘Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ on piano. I put myself on the bravery report for daring to sing ‘Winter Wonderland’. Fionna rounds out our annual concert by singing a great rendition of ‘I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas’ while playing the ukulele. I tell about last year’s Christmas show for Daily Adventure Tales and play a bonus clip of a poem I wrote as a youth called ‘Twas the Groove Before Christmas. Special holiday music by the United States Marine Band.


Kendra Catches up with us via comment on Day 94

JibJab Fun

Click to see the fun video of Alen Standish and I as Santa’s Podcast Rockers!

Holiday Selfies R Us!

Stéfanie from Quebec in a red and green elf outfit

Stéfanie from Quebec rocks the elf look!

Dawny holds a photo of a cute black and white puppy in a santa hat

Dawny’s cute Christmas!

Laurie by a menorah

I’m glad I found a menorah for my fake son, Steve.

Laurie smooches a giant nutcracker statue

While Mark is away I steal a kiss.

Laurie with coffee by Christmas tree

I have my morning java by a beautifully decorated Christmas tree.

The Ghosts of Podcasts Past (and Present)

Twas the Groove before Christmas cover art

The cover of Twas the Groove before Christmas – a bonus clip from Daily Adventure Tales

Click to view the show notes and hear the Holiday Episode of Daily Adventure Tales, Ep 0016 – Christmas, It’s a Small Christian World, Don’t Twerk on Twitter, and other Holiday Adventures

My Interview of Cliff Ravenscraft on Daily Adventure Tales

Alen Standish’s blog and show, Progress, Not Perfection

Zero Calorie Holiday Treat I Made for You

Click to play your special BC Holiday Celebration online Word Search Puzzle – Enjoy!

Want to have Fun Being Foolish too?

Participate in our feature called “Foolish Fun“. Just call the bravery hotline 206-350-6445 or check out the send audio page on https://www.compulsiveovereatingdiary.com/how-to-send-audio/
And tell us a joke, riddle, a silly story, limerick, sing a song, play a kazoo, ANYTHING but talk about compulsive eating. This is the feature where messing up is just part of the act! No names required and Silly Aliases are AOK! Need ideas? See Day 54’s Resource of the Day for my page of ToonaCat Jokes
Intuitive Eating Book on Amazon – please use the links below

Intuitive Eating

Ways to support the show financially

Catch up with Laurie

My Spreaker page. Please follow me there if you are on Spreaker.

My Instagram page at LaurieDreamWeaver

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My Second Twitter Account JUST for bravery sayings @TheBraveryCoach

Laurie on Tumblr

My page with instructions for all of the ways (so far) that you can send audio and lend your voice to this podcast.

New free way to leave voicemail http://speakpipe.com/laurieweaver You can also click the blue button on this page that says ‘send a voice message.’

Bravery Hotline

Leave your comments, questions, feelings and stories on Laurie’s podcast voicemail hotline – 206-350-6445.


Host: Laurie Weaver
Greeting and French Jingle Bells: BC Stéfanie from Quebec
Greeting for Hanukkah: Fake Son, Steve
Greeting from fellow podcaster: Fake Little Bro, Alen Standish
Silly Greeting for the new year: Mark Weaver (with help from Laurie)
Concert piece – ‘I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas’: performed by BC Fionna
Concert piece – ‘Winter Wonderland’: performed by BC Laurie
Concert piece – ‘Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas’: performed by BC Suz
Poem – ‘Twas the Groove Before Christmas’: written and performed by Laurie Weaver

SFX used in Twas the Groove before Christmas

  1. Jingle Bells
  2. Bongos
  3. That’s groovy
  4. Burp
  5. Christmas song loop

Main Theme:I’m Letting Go by Josh Woodward from The Simple Life Part 1

I’m Letting Go (Josh Woodward) / CC BY 3.0

Featured Holiday Music

We Wish You a Merry Christmas by United States Marine Band is licensed under aPublic Domain Mark 1.0 License.

We Wish You a Merry Christmas – A secular sixteenth-century English carol from the West Country of England Performed by The U.S. Marine Corps Band, ‘The President’s Own,’

Auld Lang Syne by United States Marine Band is licensed under a Public Domain Mark 1.0 License.

Auld Lang Syne written in 1788 by Scottish poet Robert Burns it is set to the tune of a traditional folk song. It is most often heard to celebrate the start of the new year at midnight on New Year’s Day. Performed by The U.S. Marine Corps Band

The United States Marine Band is the premier band of the United States Marine Corps. Established by act of Congress on July 11, 1798, it is the oldest of the United States military bands and the oldest professional musical organization in the United States. Today, the Marine Band also includes the Marine Chamber Orchestra and Marine Chamber Ensembles.

Resource of the day

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